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Friday, May 2, 2008

Sample Feature Post

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This is how to do a post where you simply feature a news item or post from another website. It should look just like this. You should always illustrate it with a single, landscape-oriented photo at the top. The text you're reading right now should be where you paste one or two (or even three if it's a long piece) of the most important paragraphs, or the leading paragraph of the article you're trying to feature. Go ahead and blockquote the entire excerpt as you see it done here.

It is not necessary to name the source here- that will come below. After pasting your excerpt skip a line and type: "Read the rest of the article at (name of source in italics)." So for instance, "Read the rest of the article at Campaign for Liberty." Be sure to put the "at (name of source)" on a second line. Then in order to link to your source: highlight the part of the sentence exactly as I have done below, click the link tool at the top of the post editor, paste in the hyperlink of the article you're featuring, and hit "OK."

Then select the entire sentence on both lines, and click the "Align Right" tool at the top of the post editor. After you've done this, don't forget to paste your author's byline code at the bottom of the post (of course you'll want to select "Edit Html" in the upper right corner of the post editor first).

Finally, tag your post with the "By: (Your Name)" label and any other appropriate labels, give it one last once over to scan for any mistakes, and then hit Publish Post!

You can also include your own commentary here if you want.

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