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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Matt Collins

Matt Collins, Regular Columnist
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Posts frequently at:
RonPaulForums | SlashDot
Often listens to:
Mike Church | Fox FreedomWatch

Bio: Often called "The Collins"

Served as Vice Chair of Nashville Republican Party in 2009

Served as Vice Chair of The Republican Liberty Caucus in Tennessee

TN Volunteer Coordinator For The
Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign

Member of America's Future Foundation

Coordinator for Nashville's Liberty On The Rocks

Member of The Tennessee Liberty Alliance

Has been called both the "Karl Rove" and
"Matt Drudge" of the
liberty movement

Talk Radio Producer at 99.7 WTN

Audio engineer designing concert sound
systems and mixing large name acts

Is a student of law, philosophy, science, and nature.

Enjoys boating, SCUBA diving, ham radio,
music, reading, camping, and a good party.