Mind your business.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

About The Humble Libertarian


1. I use Google Blogger to publish this blog.

It gives your computer cookies.

If you're in Europe they've rigged up a notification by order of the European Union. I don't have to tell you if you're in the U.S. and everybody already knows about cookies or doesn't care.

But anyway––

Here take a cookie.

2. I write news and commentary about business, finance, tech, and politics, including a lot about cryptocurrencies, stocks, and precious metals. I keep my savings in these securities so I have a small personal stake in their market value.

I don't have a lot of savings, and in fact I'm working to pay off my loans and credit cards so I can start saving more as soon as possible. (I'm doing a lot of reading about personal finance, budgeting, and giving more to your business, and will share my findings as soon as I can get them organized to help anyone who might profit from what I learn as I put it into practice.)

3. I have many affiliate links on my blog. If you click a link on The Humble Libertarian that takes you to a page that is offering a good or service for sale, and you make a purchase I will be credited with a small commission for connecting you with the business.