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Friday, October 3, 2008

About The Humble Libertarian

Why The Humble Libertarian?

“The curious task of economics is to
demonstrate to men how little they really know
about what they imagine they can design.”
-F. A. Hayek
The Fatal Conceit

Friedrich von Hayek- a Nobel Prize-winning, libertarian economist said it well. And that curious task is not only for professional economists like Hayek, but for all champions of liberty, for all libertarians.

Our purpose is to demonstrate to the people of the world how little the statists really know about what they imagine they can design, that is: to correct the fatal conceit that a benevolent state can forge a better society by decrees backed with force.

As intelligent as I may think I am, I would never presume to make your decisions for you. I would never be that conceited. And I would certainly never drag you against your will into my own vision of a better life for you. I am a humble libertarian. Are you?

Our Mission

Build a small army to
take over the world and...
leave everyone alone.

It's that simple. Governor Gary Johnson often says:

“It’s time for an armed revolution-
let’s arm ourselves with knowledge.”

This is not a call to literally armed violence. This is a call to change the hearts and minds of our neighbors. Our method is to use the power of facts, stories, and ideas- to present them in a genuine spirit of love and compassion for the plight of all the world's oppressed.

By "take over the world" we mean that our goal is to capture the hearts, minds, and imaginations of the world (note carefully that our mission is global in scope, not national).

And our final purpose, to "leave everyone alone" suggests the kind of world we want to create- a world in which all human beings are free from the threat of forcible interference in their lives, free to pursue their separate interests, free to live.

Will you join our small army and help us change the world?