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Friday, October 3, 2008

Welcome From!

"Rand Paul and I" © 2009 W. E. Messamore

Hey there! If you've landed here, you're probably visiting from, the September 23rd grassroots money bomb for U.S. Senate contender Rand Paul of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

As the owner, editor, and chief contributor of the Humble Libertarian, one of the fastest-growing new libertarian blogs on the Internet, my readers and I have been fighting hard for Rand Paul since before he was even a candidate.

As soon as I heard that Rand Paul was even considering a run back in February, we worked hard here at THL to rally the grassroots and generate buzz for Dr. Paul. I also volunteered for PEAC PAC, the brand new political action committee that launched a "Draft Rand" website at to persuade Dr. Paul to run.

Then in May, just days after Rand Paul announced his exploratory committee, I conceived, launched, planned, promoted, executed (successfully!), and publicized the very first Rand Paul money bomb ever- right here at the Humble Libertarian.

Afterward, I was invited to attend a meeting of the Center Right Coalition in Lexington, KY to speak briefly in support of Dr. Paul to grassroots conservatives from all over Kentucky. That day I conducted a live Twitter interview with Dr. Paul (asking him questions that people tweeted from all over), which you can read here.

Without all the help and support of my awesome readers, none of this would have been possible! With your help and support, we can make even more amazing things happen in the Fight for Freedom!

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