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Friday, May 2, 2008

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James Tuttle

James Tuttle,
Regular Columnist, THL
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Cuylor Reeves

Cuylor Reeves,
Regular Columnist, THL
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Ani DeGroot

Ani DeGroot,
Regular Columnist, THL
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Grant Davies

Grant Davies,
Regular Columnist, THL
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Bio: Grant Davies is a retired securities trader and investment advisor. He retired after forty two years "in the pits" and now enjoys a less hectic but still active life at the edge of a forest in the suburban Chicago area.
He is also:
An opinionated commentator
A blabbermouth for freedom
A student of economics
A golfist
A political independent
He welcomes comments on his essays and suggestions for future topics. You may contact him by e-mail at or "friend" him on FaceBook -- What We Think And Why 

Ross Kenyon

Ross Kenyon,
Assistant Editor, THL
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Bio: Ross Kenyon is currently living and studying in Istanbul, Turkey, where he works with the classically liberal 3H Movement. He is a member of the Arizona State University Students For Liberty leadership team, a Research Assistant with the Center for a Stateless Society, and has recently started his own organization, Mutual Aid on the High Seas, devoted to sailing to impoverished communities in the Caribbean, performing humanitarian aid, and promoting dialogue about liberty as an emancipatory philosophy for working people. 

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eric Olsen

Eric Olsen, Regular Columnist
Articles | Websites

Bio: Eric Olsen is a freelance advertising writer from Chicago, and founder of the critical-thought community, All Opinions Are Not Equal. With a degree in Marketing from Bradley University, Eric now uses these acquired powers of persuasion to convince people that liberty not only stands alone in its moral justification, but is Machiavellian in its positive results.

With a journalistic background reviewing films and music, Eric now criticizes the over-reaching actions of American Presidents through the interactive site, Why Every President Sucked. He is also a singer-songwriter in the Christian indie-rock band, Relevant Reverence.

Eric Sharp

Eric Sharp | Articles
Regular Columnist

Eric Sharp grew to adulthood in Franklin TN, during the 8 year onslaught that some have called the Presidency of King George. Every morning he gazed at the Channel 1 News screen with more and more contempt for the needless war and evisceration of the Constitution.

Upon matriculating at Middle Tennessee State University in the Fall of 2007, he briefly dabbled in the anti-war left, as Rothbard did in the 60s. It was during the Ron Paul primary campaign that Eric came to learn of the sweet fruit of Liberty. The following months were rigorous- when he wasn't in class, Eric was watching documentary after documentary and reading book after book, constantly learning. When Eric realized that the Statist society that was being constructed silently around him was a society in which he had no place, he decided to take action.

He changed his major from Studio Art to Political Science and joined Campaign for Liberty. He became an organizer for End the Fed!, a grassroots campaign of Restore the Republic to end the Federal Reserve. He organized and executed two End the Fed Rallies in Nashville before taking on additional responsibilities as the Treasurer of Young Americans for Liberty at MTSU, helping to organize and execute several movie screenings, and putting together demonstrations on campus to reclaim MTSU from Marxism.

Since the Fall of 2009, Eric has organized two more End the Fed Rallies in addition to fulfilling his YAL duties. In February of 2010 he was awarded a scholarship from the Ludwig Von Mises Institute to attend the “Birth and Death of the Fed” conference in Jekyll Island, GA. Eric attended and personally spoke with Ron Paul about the Labor Theory of Value as opposed to the Objective Theory of Value. Eric Sharp is now the President of Young Americans for Liberty at MTSU and has BIG plans for the Fall of 2010.

Matt Collins

Matt Collins, Regular Columnist
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Posts frequently at:
RonPaulForums | SlashDot
Often listens to:
Mike Church | Fox FreedomWatch

Bio: Often called "The Collins"

Served as Vice Chair of Nashville Republican Party in 2009

Served as Vice Chair of The Republican Liberty Caucus in Tennessee

TN Volunteer Coordinator For The
Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign

Member of America's Future Foundation

Coordinator for Nashville's Liberty On The Rocks

Member of The Tennessee Liberty Alliance

Has been called both the "Karl Rove" and
"Matt Drudge" of the
liberty movement

Talk Radio Producer at 99.7 WTN

Audio engineer designing concert sound
systems and mixing large name acts

Is a student of law, philosophy, science, and nature.

Enjoys boating, SCUBA diving, ham radio,
music, reading, camping, and a good party.

Carl Wicklander

History and Book Reviews
THL Articles | Website

Bio: Carl Wicklander is the editor of Uncouth Ruminations, a blog of politics, history, and faith. A lifelong student of those topics, he does not have all the answers but is looking for them. He lives in Illinois with his wife.

Daryl Luna

Constitutional Studies
THL articles | Website

Bio: Daryl Luna is a passionate defender of consistent, classical liberalism in all its forms, including (but not limited to) Old Right conservatism, libertarianism, and constitutionalism. Likewise, he is an avid defender of the American Founding, its principles, and the documents in which those principles are manifest. A Jeffersonian at heart, Daryl’s mission is to fight for liberty at all costs and without compromising our principles.

Daryl is an alumnus of the University of the South in Sewanee, TN, with a bachelor’s degree in political science. He currently resides in his beloved Southern Middle Tennessee, where he daily wages war against Leviathan. Daryl’s hobbies include: guitar, music, systematic theology, and politics. As one who continues to contend for the principles of the Protestant Reformation, his relationship with his Lord Jesus Christ is of most importance to him; all else accounts for nothing.

Wes Messamore

Wes Messamore is a man on a mission to call it like he sees it.

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