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Friday, January 23, 2009

Barack Obama Doesn't Care About The Constitution

United States Constitution (source)

Wednesday night, President Barack Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts had a do-over of the flubbed Oath of Office in an otherwise smooth Inauguration the day before. Their reasoning for administering the Oath of Office a second time was that the Constitution specifically prescribes the words to be used, and they wanted to be sure to do everything by the book.

Oh great! So we can expect this level of careful attention to the Constitution and rule of law for the rest of Obama's administration, right? Wrong. Barack Obama has already demonstrated abundantly that he doesn't give a flip about the Constitution or rule of law. He demonstrated it when he voted for the Troubled Asset Recovery Program, a huge spending bill that originated in the Senate even though the Constitution requires spending bills to originate in the House; then again when he promised to illegally and unconstitutionally extend the funds authorized in that bill to non-financial institutions; then again when he appointed Tim Geithner to be Secretary of the Treasury despite his violation of immigration laws and tax evasion from 2001 to 2004 (he brushed these off as minor issues), and again when he said that Roland Burris should not be seated in the Senate despite having no legal or Constitutional grounds not to seat him.

Barack Obama, like most politicians today, does not care what the Constitution says. He's more interested in pushing his agenda forward regardless of legal or Constitutional obstacles. The fact that he took so much care to obey the law down to the letter in taking the Oath of Office only serves to highlight by inconsistency, his lack of care for the Constitution in other matters. The fact that he said specifically in his inaugural address that we will not sacrifice the Constitution or rule of law to expediency further compounds his inconsistency and adds to his hypocrisy. Barack Obama is pulling a fast one on you. He's saying the opposite of what he means and not suiting action to words- the same old politics as usual in Washington. Change has decidedly not come to America.