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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Plan To Get Out Of Debt- "Don't Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford" (SNL Skit)

It's sad that the solution is so obvious that ignorance of it is laughable... and yet so many are still so ignorant, or worse, they know better and get into debt anyways. If only our politicians used this kind of common sense:

Look familiar? If not, it's because you didn't watch this (it's in there).

BTW, even though it's totally unrelated, if that mention of Natalie Portman at the very end of the skit made you go, "Awe man, I'd love to see that," here it is (and it's really, really funny):

See? Told you it's really funny. Too bad Natalie Portman's political views aren't so great (but you're awesome, Natalie! I heart you!):

Wow. Got a little stream-of-consciousness there. What am I trying to say? Be smart. Live within your means. Don't buy stuff you cannot afford. Natalie Portman rocks. Her political views, not so much. And call the Senate if you have not already done so to let them know not to vote for one of the worst spending bills to ever come across their desks!

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