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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rick Santelli's CNBC On-Air Rant: Time For A "Chicago Tea Party"

CNBC's Rick Santelli gave a rousing performance today, venting the frustration that many Americans feel over the government's mismanagement of our economic troubles and calling for a modern-day Boston Tea Party to be held this July in Chicago:

If he is serious about organizing such an event, I hope with all my heart that my schedule will allow me to be in attendance. Santelli fumbled for an answer as to what we would dump into the waters this time- I'd be happy if it was Federal Reserve notes!



The White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs lashes out at very publicly and personally at CNBC's Rick Santelli for his viral on-air rant Thursday:


  1. It’s funny reading some of the people on the left who are upset about Rick Santelli’s statement. Talk about unhinged.

  2. Yeah Nemov, I simply can't understand how someone wouldn't be upset themselves over such an irresponsible piece of legislation, much less angry at someone else for being upset about it. Hope to see you in Chicago this Summer!


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