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Saturday, March 7, 2009

How To Start, Organize, and Promote Your Own Tea Party Protest

As a follow up to my article entitled "The American Tea Party 2009: Goals, Objectives, and Principles," I have authored a guest post over at entitled (you guessed it) "How To Start, Organize, and Promote Your Own Tea Party Protest."

At least one commentator here (wink: TennZen) expressed interest in starting a local Tea Party, and another (that means you, Dave!) has opined once or twice that there isn't a Tea Party protest within driving distance of him (step it up PA residents... they wrote and adopted the Declaration of Independence in your state!). So I figured it might help to fan the flames of activism for liberty if I wrote a step by step guide to help people know where to get started.

There are a lot of resources out there and a lot of people coming together who want you to be successful at protesting our government's abuses (and you can count me among them), so if you decide to get a protest started in your area you are not alone! A good start would be to visit and give my article a read.

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If you want to get a good feel for the writing here and you are as outraged by the "Stimulus" Package as I am, here are some great places to start:

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  1. Thank you VERY much for the reference! As I have talked to fellow gardeners in my area, I've discovered that there are many of us who are fed up with the situation as it currently stands.

  2. I'm fumbling for a "grassroots" pun here, but to no avail. When you've got something going, e-mail me and let me know so I can help in any way possible. I worked up in Knoxville for a while and have some friends up there who might want to get in on the fun.


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