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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Humble Libertarian Contest (Win Prizes!)

A Don't Tread On Me T-shirt, one of the prizes courtesy of

Hey folks! This blog has been growing in leaps and bounds since I started it just six months ago and to celebrate the Humble Libertarian's 6-month anniversary (which is on April 2nd), I am running a contest to have a little fun and to attract some more regular readers to this growing community of liberty-lovers!

How To Enter

All you have to do to enter is subscribe to this blog via e-mail.

The deadline is the end of the day on April 2nd. Subscribing is free of any cost or obligation. After you subscribe, you will get no more than one e-mail a day with updates from the Humble Libertarian so you can conveniently stay up to date on our unique analysis and commentary.

Enter your email address:

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As for all of you who are already subscribed to this blog via e-mail- don't sweat it! You're going to be entered into the competition too. As of the publication of this post, I have 14 e-mail subscribers including myself (and I'm not up for a prize, obviously). There's no way I would penalize you guys for being loyal readers from the very beginning!

The Prizes Up For Grabs

I will select winners by a random drawing out of the pool of e-mail subscribers on April 3rd. There will be three winners:

3rd place - A "Don't Tread On Me" Bumper Sticker from

2nd place - A "Don't Tread On Me" T-shirt from


The 1st place GRAND PRIZE - A "Don't Tread On Me" T-Shirt AND Bumper Sticker (also courtesy of, as well as a copy of "The Revolution: A Manifesto" by Congressman Ron Paul ('s "Most Loved" Book of 2008):

The Legal Stuff
  • I will need a name and shipping address for winners so that I can ship you your prizes, and when I announce the winners, I would like to announce them by first name and state. If you'd rather that I didn't, you can decline the prize and I'll draw another e-mail address from the pool.
  • I will be contacting the winners via the e-mail address they used to subscribe, so make sure it's one you really use. I also will not publish, sell, or make available to a third party in any way, your e-mail address if you subscribe, or any other private information you give me like a shipping address if you win.
  • You can unsubscribe at any time hassle free by clicking the "unsubscribe" link which is at the bottom of every e-mail. Here's a list of reasons that I'm betting you'll want to stay subscribed.
  • This is just a fun contest and I reserve the right to change the terms of the contest as necessary. I'm sure it won't happen, but it never hurts to say so in writing just in case.

The Sponsor - PEAC PAC

The Political Exploration and Awareness Committee, PAC (PEAC PAC) is a grassroots effort to provide support and organization for independent individuals and organizations to organize events more efficiently. They operate a few websites that I help contribute articles to such as:

I personally support their efforts, love the political activism they are bringing to the table, and am honored to have their sponsorship to make great prizes available for this contest.

Also: thanks to for listing this contest on its website.


  1. What about those of us who read your blog daily via RSS?

  2. Unfortunately, Feedburner doesn't provide any personal identifiers for RSS subscribers like it does for e-mail subscribers (for which it displays e-mail addresses), so this contest was simply to subscribe via e-mail... if I'm incorrect on that count, please let me know how, and I'll do another drawing with another prize for all RSS readers.

    I figured it was plenty fair because anyone including RSS subscribers who wanted to participate in the contest could simply subscribe via e-mail to do so. And if they prefer RSS, they were of course welcome to unsubscribe via e-mail after the contest. But don't worry, there will be future contests and I hope as my blog grows and improves, the contests do too.

  3. I am happy to say I have recently changed my political affiliation to Libertarian. I just received my confirmation today. What advice do you have for me on how I can become a valuable party member?

  4. I am not myself a member of the Libertarian party- but the best thing you can do is get involved! Make connections with other people who feel the same way. Read the blogs, books, and websites, stay educated and engaged, and go to events in your area with other liberty-loving patriots.


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