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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Need Your Help

Hey folks, I have an upcoming post in the works that will consist of a "top 100" list of Libertarian blogs and websites. I think it'll be a fun and very helpful post, but- it's hard! Scouring the Internet and the recesses of my memory to come up with a list of 100 great websites and blogs that represent libertarian thought is actually pretty difficult.

Listed below is the rough brainstorm I've got going so far, and I would like any help you can give toward filling in the gaps. Any important libertarian organizations, think tanks, or websites that I'm missing? Any great libertarian websites that I should recommend that no one has likely heard of? Just start spouting off ideas in the comment threads, no need to worry that a site won't pass muster. That's part of the brainstorming process.

I have 34 libertarian blogs and websites so far (plus some blogs on my links page that I haven't included yet):

1. The Official Website of the Libertarian Party

2. The Cato Institute

3. The Ludwig von Mises Institute

4. The Acton Institute

5. The Adam Smith Institute

6. Reason Magazine

7. Library of Economics and Liberty

8. Bureaucrash

9. The Free State Project

10. The Prometheus Institute

11. Ron Paul's Perpetual Campaign for Liberty

12. Cafe Hayek

13. The Libertarian Alliance Blog

14. The Austrian Economists

15. Marginal Revolution

16. The Foundation for Economic Education

17. Samizdata

18. The Christian Libertarian

19. Advocates For Self-Government

20. Foundation For Individual Rights in Education

21. The Fraser Institute

22. The Institute For Humane Studies

23. The Institute For Justice


25. Alliance For School Choice


27. The Freedom Factory

28. - Americans for Limited Government

29. International Society for Individual Liberty

30. Libertarians for Life

31. Liberty Maven

32. Libertarian Rock

33. GOP for Liberty

34. The Humble Libertarian


  1. Great idea. Here are a few suggestions (libertarian content varies):

  2. A few more ... sorry for the "naked" URLs, couldn't be bothered to clean them up.

  3. Here's another, kinda "single issue", but interesting.

  4. Hey, that helps a lot, Greg! No worries about the "naked URLs." As for your most recent comment, you're actually one step ahead of me, as I plan to do a follow up post at some point in the near future with a list of 100 single issue sites that advance liberty. Great minds really do think alike!

  5. :-)

  6. Do you want the English ones too?

    Myself if I can put modesty to one side

    Have a look on his blogroll

  7. Just FYI: my former website, "The Christian Libertarian" which was hosted by blogspot, is now at its own domain:

    The old blogspot blog still points to the new site, but it now has a completely different look.

  8. Hey thanks for adding my blog to your list!

    Here are a couple more suggestions:

  9. Henry, the English ones are fine (I've already got Samizdata on the list)! Libertarianism is not and should not be a national movement because its claims apply to all human beings. I am going to restrict it to English-language blogs for practical reasons, as most of my readers are likely to find those most useful.

    Norman, thanks for reminding me. I have been meaning to fix that (I like the look, btw).

    No problem, Valerie- keep fighting for the heart and soul of the GOP! And thanks for the links.

    All you folks are great! I can't wait to get this list together over the next week or so. If you have any more ideas, keep throwin'em out there.


  11. Really, Beck is solid? These days he's been pretty good, but he blasted Ron Paul back during the campaign. I dunno, has he apologized for that? Also, has he come around on Iraq yet?

  12. Did he blast Ron Paul? If you could, please link to a video or transcript- I would love to keep my facts as straight as possible.

    It is my understanding that Beck was sympathetic to Paul. He gave him one of the fairest interviews I've seen Paul get- one full hour, no spin, no arrogant pontificating that Paul would definitely lose, and at one point he even told Dr. Paul that he wanted to kiss him (I think after Paul said he wanted to repeal the income tax, it's been awhile since I've watched the full interview).

    Besides that, Beck just seems to say all the things I think and agree with, the things that no one else wants to talk about, like our out of control inflation for example.

    But if he's sending mixed signals by also blasting Paul, please let me know. I don't want to be in the dark about that.

  13. He insinuated that Ron Paul supporters could be terrorists way back around the Nov. 5th money bomb. Take a look:

    Don't get me wrong, I like what Beck has been saying lately. His past doesn't mean he's completely awful, but I'm just wary of actually calling him a "libertarian". His credibility is a bit low for me to accept him fully in this regard yet.

  14. is good one. ^_^.

  15. I'll plug my blog,

  16. Also, Radley Balko's blog,

  17. CEI's blog should be on your list

  18. Norman, I watched the video, and I can see why that would make you think twice about Beck. Though he did stop short of calling Ron Paul supporters terrorists or terrorist-like by saying that he understands that most of them saw the "Nov 5 money-bomb" for what it is- a metaphor.

    While he may not align himself with that particular electoral movement (though he expresses his strong agreement with lots of its causes), I would still say that among the media elite, Glen Beck is a friend to liberty.

    Skyler, Josh, and Fran- thanks for the links, I will check them out (actually, the CEI and have already made it onto my list since publishing this post Saturday- but thanks again for your help!).

  19. In the big-tent sense, yeah I'm cool with that. :)


    Thoughts on Freedom

  21. I'll throw mine in there, while suggesting that there are several great Indiana libertarian bloggers on my blogroll, including Rex Bell, Eric Schansberg, and Mark Rutherford. The LP of Indiana is also very good, and they maintain a seperate 'Legislative Review' blog, that breaks down some of the bills being considered before Indiana's general assembly.

  22. Here's one I stumbled upon not too long ago:

  23. How about



  26. Thanks again everybody, for all these links. This is a phenomenal brainstorm and gives me a lot of material to look through. I hope to have this list published within a week. If anyone has any more blogs, keep 'em coming.

  27. Here's a list I came across a couple of month's ago.

  28. Please spend a moment visiting my website ( and the list of my professional blogs (

    With warm regards,
    Bruce Koerber

  29. How could you forgot Peace, Freedom, & Prosperity?

    This site is amazing! Hope you consider placing it in your top 100 websites, it is really starting to grow!

  30. Thanks for the link! I'll definitely give it a closer look.


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