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Monday, March 23, 2009

Peter Schiff - Henry Hazlitt Speech at the Austrian Scholars Conference

Photograph of Peter Schiff (CC)

Peter Schiff had the honor of presenting the 2009 Henry Hazlitt Memorial Lecture at the annual Austrian Scholars Conference, hosted by the Ludwig von Mises Institute on March 13, 2009. The video of it has been making its rounds in the past few days (for example: here and here -thanks for bringing it to my attention!).

As a guest blogger over at, I published a post displaying the video of Schiff's speech along with another, shorter video featuring clips from the past few years of Peter Schiff predicting in eerie detail, the economic crisis we are experiencing today while other commentators scoff in disagreement (even "free-market leaning" commentators like Arthur Laffer and Ben Stein).

Check it out. It's really good!


  1. So far I only viewed the 10 minute video. What an eye opener! I saw Peter Schiff on the Glen Beck show on Fox News. I tivo'd it and made my Wife watch it, so she could understand why I became a maniac about saving and not just putting money into a mutual fund. He painted a pretty bleak picture of the next several years, not the quick recovery they want you to believe. I've always been a fan of Ben Stein. A cool guy who was also into politics and finances. But seeing him minimize the coming financial crises for over a year, gave me less respect for the man. Anyway thank you for your great service of gathering and posting these videos. I'm watching you, Dave

  2. Thanks Dave. I am in the same boat with you- I have always liked Ben Stein, and still do, but it was disappointing to see that he got caught up in the frenzy like the rest of the country and was unable to see the truth of Schiff's very common-sense, down-to-earth financial views, which turned out to be all too accurate.


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