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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

America Needs Less Spending, Not Just Balanced Budgets

From my recent article on entitled "America Needs Less Spending, Not Just Balanced Budgets:"

We in the Tea Party 2009 movement are extremely unhappy about the explosive deficit spending taking place in our nation's capitol at the behest of the Obama Administration and its Democrat cohorts in Congress. We ought to be... But folks, I'm writing to explain why it's not enough to call for balanced budgets. The Federal budget isn't vastly irresponsible because it's running deficits, it's running deficits because it's vastly irresponsible.

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  1. On a side note: On MSNBC this morning, they were calling Iraq, Obama's success story. I think that statement speaks for itself. I don't know how Iraq has transitioned into a success story inside three months. Have there been any significant changes, besides Obama saying that he is going to start withdrawing troops over a year from now? I must be missing something!

  2. No kidding. The Kool Aid business might be the only one that's booming in this recession.