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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The April 15 Tax Day Tea Party Protest

Feb 27th Tea Party Protest - Nashville, TN © 2009 W. E. Messamore

Nationwide 'tea party' protests blast bailout:

(CNN) -- Conservatives are showing they know their way around the Internet just as well as liberals, as more than 300 organized "tea party" protests raged across the nation Wednesday. The protests are a backlash against President Obama's bailout policies.


Conservatives have borrowed a page from Obama's Web-savvy style which he leaned on heavily during the '08 campaign and still uses to push initiatives.


Protesters on Wednesday said like their colonial forebears, they felt that their voices were not being heard by their government.

Today is a proud day for Americans to stand together in defiance of their government's long list of abuses. The history of the present reigning establishment in Washington D.C. is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these United States of America. To prove this, let the facts be submitted to a candid world:

Washington politicians have repeatedly ignored and defied the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the United States of America.

They have usurped the sovereign powers and rights that belong to each of the fifty states and to their citizens, respectively.

So many of them are notorious for living scandal-tainted lives lacking utterly in basic human virtue and characterized by corruption, lies, hypocrisy, broken laws, and broken campaign promises.

They eschew reasoned dialectic in favor of spiteful invective and dizzying sophistry, replacing discussion with evasion, debate with obfuscation, and reasoned arguments with the brute force of their laws.

They assume to themselves ever more illegal and unchecked powers and wield them to the detriment of our liberty.

They clamor for endless, expensive, unjustified, and ineffective wars.

They spend our hard-earned money on endless, expensive, unjustified, and ineffective social and economic programs.

Today people are going to ask why you didn't protest while Bush ran his deficits. Ask them why they aren't protesting now. People are going to argue that your historical analogy is false because the original Boston Tea Party was a protest against taxation without representation and that you have representation. Ask them if our children and future generations that will pay for these deficits have a voice or a representative in Congress. Ask them if you are being fairly represented when your representative didn't even have a chance to read the stimulus legislation before it was put to a vote. Ask them whether all the secrecy and closed-door committee meetings in Congress are republican or oligarchical.

Enjoy this day. Be proud of yourself and be proud of your country. I'm very proud to see people taking such an active interest in their future. Just remember that we can't stop with a few demonstrations on the street. We need to roll this into a sustained political and ideological campaign against tyranny. You can read more on that in my March 4th article entitled "The American Tea Party 2009: Goals, Objectives, and Principles."

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Happy protesting!


  1. I was at the NYC protest. Mostly it was good -- there was one speaker who gave an incredible talk on the meaning of liberty. There was a woman (some sort of talk radio big wig) who had me rolling about the time she considered running for Congress and the GOP took her to a fundraiser in DC.

    There was one gu going on incoherently about the War on Terror (look, I understand, but this protest had nothing to do with that).

    But I actually left a bit early. This may sound strange, but the whole thing left me a little depressed. For one thing, as a conservative, I really don't DO the whole protest thing. Other than the tea party a few months ago and the occasional political rally, I have not been to a protest since I don't know when.

    And then it hit me. My complaint is not really with the taxes but the spending. And not really about the spending but about the feeling that the relationship between the people and the state was prehaps irrevocablly changing. It has been moving that way for a while, but it seems now to be accelerating.

    But then I got home and kissed my sleeping children and felt better.

  2. I can see why the thought of our government's relationship to its people leaves you depressed. It's very depressing! And you are absolutely correct to say that the root of the problem, the thing we should concern ourselves most with here, is the spending. Let's all do what we can to roll this reckless spending back and to make the future as bright as possible for your children and for all people.