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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Humble Libertarian Contest - A Note

Hey, folks! I just wanted to thank you all for participating in the Humble Libertarian Contest. On Friday morning I printed out the e-mail addresses of all the participants, cut them up, put them into a bowl, and drew out the third, second, and first place winners.

I've e-mailed all the winners and still need to hear back from two. If you don't frequently use the e-mail address you subscribed with, give it a look to see if you won. Also check your spam boxes. I'll give you one week from the time of my e-mail to get back in touch with me, which means if I wake up this Friday morning and still need a response or two, I'll do another drawing with the remaining participants.

I can't wait to announce the winners and I appreciate very much all of your participation. Stay tuned for some excellent commentary (we solve drug crime in Mexico and sour relations with North Korea this week) and future contests.

And please remember to pledge with this contest's sponsors, the coordinators of the Tea Party protests sweeping our great nation this Spring and Summer:


  1. So, if the winners don't step up, I vote I get one of the prizes by default. ; )

  2. No problem! Also while we're handing out favors, if you don't mind evading your taxes for a few years, whenever I get elected president I'll be sure to appoint you to a lucrative post in my administration ;)