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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Humble Libertarian's Six Month Anniversary

Thank you all for making these past six months a shining success!

Everyone who's read this blog, subscribed to it, linked to it, left comments, sent me helpful e-mails and news tips, told their friends and peers about this blog, submitted and voted for this blog's content on social media websites, purchased merchandise from this blog's online store and library of suggested reading, made donations, and just had best wishes for this website and its success... many, many thanks to you all!

I had the idea for this website over a year ago and it began to crystallize last Fall, especially over discussions with my friend, colleague, and school mate Ben Bryan, who makes occasional contributions here. Then on October 2nd, The Humble Libertarian became a reality as I purchased the domain name, mapped it out into the blog (many thanks, GoDaddy!), put together the website design, and got up our first post, the About Page. Posting remained intermittent for the first three months, then at the start of 2009, we hit the ground running with daily updates on news and current events including unique and wildly thought-provoking commentary (like the list of 10 Obama Bush Comparisons).

With your help and devoted readership, we managed to garner an average of over 160 unique visitors a day in the month of March (that's over a thousand different people a week being exposed to the ideas of liberty!) with an all time high of 616 unique visitors in one day exactly a month ago on March 2nd. We've also been noticed by Edelman, the Cato Institute (twice), and the Independent Institute, whose founder and president wrote me earlier this year to congratulate me on this "great blog." Without your support, none of this would be possible, and without your attentive readership, none of this would matter. You are my inspiration and my success. Every post you read, comment you write, article you link to, and friend you tell about The Humble Libertarian has meant more to me than you could know.

I have very high aspirations for this website and will apply all my best efforts to growing exponentially its community of regular readers, its daily traffic, and its influence on the hearts and minds of those who read it, so as to work gradually toward a more peaceful, prosperous, civil, free, and love-filled future for all of us. I am happy and humbled to be living out my dream and I have been so encouraged by the results that I am proud to announce to all of you today that it is my objective to be making enough personal income from this blog's operation by the end of 2009 that I can blog full time and provide even better content and make an even bigger difference. It's an ambitious, but realistic goal and with your help and a lot of hard work on my part, I believe we can make it happen.

Thanks again for everything these past six months, and here's to six even better months!

Yes we can! (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)


  1. This is my first comment here but I read it all the time and subscribe by email. Good luck.

  2. Love the blog, keep it up.

  3. I appreciate it, Ben. I also know you digg up the content a lot and I am very thankful for your activism. Dominic, thanks so much!

  4. haha Glad your blog is working out. : )

  5. Thanks Brandon- I'll see you around!