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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bombs Away!

It's 12:00 AM EDT on June 1st, which means... June 1st Rand Paul Money Bomb!

--->[Donate here!]<---

Thanks so much for bearing with me this past week here at THL as I heavily promoted this Money Bomb, and thanks so much for your support of Rand Paul today.

This week, I've got some great commentary and analysis planned in the mix in addition to some more info on the fantastic opportunities we have over the next two years for electoral activism.

I'll be live-tweeting the Money Bomb for a couple hours tonight and then all day tomorrow. Look forward to seeing ya there! Hashtags: #THL #$bomb #R&Paul


UPDATE: Just made my donation-

And Rand's website sends you this neat little e-mail message afterward:

Thank you for your generous donation to Rand Paul for US Senate Exploratory Committee. Your contributions provide the fuel for a well coordinated, effective, and successful campaign. With your help, we will bring honesty, responsibility, and constitutional leadership to Washington D.C.

Honesty and Responsibility and Constitutional Leadership- oh my! We definitely need more of those in Washington.


  1. I just found your site from Eric Dondero's, and I also just contributed a nice little amount to Rand, please support my blog and follow as well, I love your message here!
    Rand Paul 2010!

  2. Coming up on 20k raised today... amazing.

  3. Wesley,
    Does your last name rhyme with the Dean Martin song? I'm not trying to be tedious. I want to know how to properly pronounce your name.

    Moon hits your eye, big pizza pie; Messamore?

    Your fan,
    Chuck Coffer

  4. @Left Coast Rebel Hey thanks for making yesterday's moneybomb a success! Rand has been really encouraged by what you guys did yesterday.

    @Steve June Sorry I didn't get back to you in real time at 9pm yesterday, but yeah wasn't it great! At that time I was glued to my monitor while on the phone with different Rand supporters waiting to see if we would hit $25K and by golly we did!

    @Chuck No problem- it's pronounced just the most natural way you would expect to pronounce it. The word "Mess" -the word "a" (pronounced like the "schwa" sound, in dove for example) -and the word "more." Emphasis is on the first syllable: Messamore

  5. W.E. - Be sure to come by LCR and support it as well, also keep us posted as to the financial status of the campaign.