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Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Case Against Judge Sonia Sotomayor

I have a guest post up today over at Eric Dondero's blog, Libertarian Republican. It features four main areas of analysis concerning President Obama's appointment of Judge Sotomayor to our nation's highest court. These are:

1. It was a cynical, racial pick calculated to prevent any real, legitimate, non-racial debate about how she would perform on the Supreme Court, because anyone who opposes her will be painted as racist whether it's true or not.

2. Judge Sotomayor herself expressed extremely racist and sexist sentiments in her now-famous 2001 quote, and we shouldn't take any chances on putting a racist on our nation's highest court.

3. Judge Sotomayor, it would appear, is not even very legally competent, certainly not legally exemplary, and most certainly not qualified for the SCOTUS.

4. Judge Sotomayor has an abysmal record on upholding our basic freedoms as enumerated in the Constitution. She is a friend of affirmative action and an enemy of gun-rights, free speech, free markets, private property, and most of all- empathy!

Here's my article. Check it out and please browse around Eric's site. He's got some great coverage up there (especially most recently- regarding Obama's "Chryslergate scandal").


  1. Terrific article!

    I've always been puzzled by the lack of outrage on the part of racial identity groups who are casually branded as bigots as a simple matter of course. The media buzz surrounding this is awfully muted. This incompetent hack is on record explicitly announcing a belief in her racial superiority to white colored people. While I reject the notion that there is such a thing as a "latina" identity that is distinct in any meaningful way, it's interesting that she would feel so casual and comfortable in going out of her way to demean other people solely on the basis of them being what is referred to as "white".

    And the response? "Well, that's justified, understandable, wise, whatever...."

    Its akin to the same insulting reasoning that suggests a guy who legally moves here from Chile should be all in favor of allowing (hell, encouraging) destitute, illiterate third world desperadoes to sneak into this country at will.

  2. You make a good point.

    I didn't quite phrase it that way in the article (I simply called Sotomayer's views as expressed in 2001 "racist"), but I think you've got a better way of putting it: in 2001 Sotomayer expressed a belief in her racial superiority to white people.

    It is unbelievable that someone who has said such a thing would be appointed to such a high office of government.

    As for the issue of immigration, that opens up a whole different and somewhat nuanced can of worms. I hope to address the issue of American immigration policy in its entirety sometime soon on this blog.

  3. Why should she not have to recuse herself from any case involving "white" people since she has already stated her prejudice (pre-judgment) against that strain of humanity?

    Isn't that a cornerstone of civilized jurisprudence?

    She has disqualified herself.

    Chuck Coffer

    p.s. You need to be on TV, dude. Our side needs people like you in front of the camera.


  4. @Burr Deming Your link's kind of broken- I fixed it here.

    No where in this post did I say that I was concerned about the fact that Obama touts Sotomayor's empathy. I said she's racist, unqualified, an enemy of freedom, and unempathetic. Do you have a response to any of these assertions?

    And I am concerned about the empathy thing, but not because the president called her empathetic. Bush calling Thomas empathetic is another thing entirely from the media, Senate, and White House clamoring together for a month about the need for empathy and gushing over Sotomayor's empathy. That's what worries me- especially when she's so not empathetic.

    I also find your selection of Justice Thomas' confirmation process interesting, because I do recall a long and bitter confirmation battle for him, something I'm guessing you'd call partisan bickering if the GOP put Sotomayor through it.

    @ccoffer Thanks, Chuck. Know about any good openings at Fox or CNN? I'd take one in a heart beat. Hopefully with my blogging and writing I can get to that point and try to make a serious dent in the size and scope of our government.