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Monday, May 25, 2009

How You Can Make The June 1st Rand Paul Money Bomb A Success

Rand Paul campaigning for his father, Ron Paul in NH - Image by nicco (CC)

Enthusiasm For The Rand Paul Money Bomb

Hey folks! I'm happy to see the enthusiasm this Money Bomb has started to generate. Within hours of getting up the post, I was getting links from some people at DailyPaul, discussion at RonPaulForums, and shares on Facebook (where someone had put up a Facebook event that same day).

I've also been getting messages and phone calls about it. Apparently Rand Paul is now aware of it. This is of course, our own grassroots effort and it was my idea to start a small money bomb for Rand Paul's exploratory committee on June 1st. Rand and his committee were surprised to hear about it, and they are okay with us moving forward and making it a success.

That's what I love about this political movement! We've got passion and we take initiative. We did it in 2007 to spectacular effect, and we have come full circle to another campaign season with exciting prospects for real leadership in Washington.

What You Can Do To Make This A Success

  • Commit to donating on June 1st by signing the pledge.
  • If you are a blogger, please write a short post on the June 1st Rand Paul Money Bomb with a link to the Money Bomb page.

The truth is, a lot of the people who supported Congressman Ron Paul's run in 2007-08, aren't aware that his son, who shares many of his political views, is considering a Senate run out of Kentucky. Talk to the people you know who are Ron Paul fans.

Pick just three people who were outspoken advocates of the Ron Paul campaign and e-mail or Facebook message them to tell them what's going on and how important it is. If we can get Rand Paul a bunch of media buzz and a solid day of fundraising, we will vastly improve his chances.

Our goal is realistic and attainable, but Rand Paul needs your hard work and dedication right now to make the June 1st Money Bomb a success. Thanks!

Rand Paul Speaks at Rally in Frankfort

And this is a phenomenal clip from Rand Paul's Freedom Rally in Frankfort on May 23. These are the words of a true statesman and visionary.

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