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Monday, May 18, 2009

Rand Paul Announces Senate Bid

Late last week, it was exciting to hear Dr. Rand Paul of Kentucky (Congressman Ron Paul's son) announce his exploratory committee for a 2010 Senate bid. Here's a video of his official announcement on the Rachel Maddow show in case you missed it.

You can expect plenty of commentary on and enthusiastic support for Rand Paul's campaign in the coming weeks and months. Get ready for it. This is going to be really exciting.

Here's some more information on Rand Paul, which I posted in late February when Dr. Paul expressed interest in running. You can visit his campaign website and make a donation here.


  1. Thanks for keeping us updated on this.

  2. Hey no problem. I see things are going strong again with IDiggTheLP. You'll have a lot of great content to digg leading up to these 2010 midterms... freedom's on the move!