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Friday, May 1, 2009

Webzine - April 2009

THL's monthly libertarian blog carnival, featuring last month's outstanding libertarian articles from all quarters of the libertarian blogosphere.

THL gives you magic powers. j/k

April was a phenomenal month
on our end here at THL. We got
to celebrate our Six Month
on April 2nd, and
then blow past (by more than
doubling in some cases) all the
records we had set in the first
6 months & which I mentioned
in that update (e.g. THL's record
for unique visitors in one day was
616 at the start of April and by
the end of the month- yesterday
in fact- we had beaten that w/ a
record of 1,527). Folks, I am not
writing that to brag to you-
though I am very pleased about
it. I'm writing it to thank you
and to let you know that your
participation is making a
difference. It is building a
thriving community of people
who love freedom and think
critically about the issues our
world faces. Your readership is
helping to bring a message to
the world and I am ecstatic to
have such great support.
Again: Thank you!
Lead Story - Swine Flu
Break The Matrix covers Dr. Ron Paul's
video response to the swine flu hysteria.

Nolan at has an excellent
entitled "Swine Flu Panic: Bulls***."

The Cato Institute blog covers gaffe-prone Vice President Joe Biden's panic-mongering on the Today Show.

The Daily Paul has another video of Dr. Ron Paul staying calm and making sense about swine flu. (He's an M.D. -and he's right)

Besides that, they've got the real news that this swine flu is intended to distract you from: HR 1207 now has 109 Co-sponsors in the House! Time to Audit the Fed.

Book of the Month
Recarving Rushmore
By: Ivan Eland

Read the review here.

Blog of the Month April 2009
Strike The Root

In their own words: "Strike The Root is a daily journal of current events and commentary from a libertarian/market anarchist perspective. The mission of STR is to advance the cause of liberty, primarily by de-mystifying and de-legitimizing the State. STR seeks a world where people are free to live their lives as they see fit, as long as they don't use force or fraud against peaceful people."

In my words: Strike The Root does a fantastic job of balancing links to other websites' content along with a heaping helping of its own original content. The website's centerpiece is a body of constantly updated links to some of the best writing in the libertarian blogosphere along with brief summaries. Scroll down, and you'll find yourself in the "Root Cellar" -a list of links to original content by Strike The Root contributors.

Strike The Root features a quote on the upper left part of its page by the Mahatma Gandhi: "I am a lover of my own liberty, and so I would do nothing to restrict yours." This exemplifies the principle of moral responsibility inherent in the sort of libertarianism we're trying to promote here on this blog. Their main tagline however, is that of another exemplar of civil disobedience, Henry David Thoreau: "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." What is that root and how do we more effectively strike it? For their answer to that question I invite you to visit their website and subscribe.

From THL's Libertarian Merchandise Store
Anti-Bailout Merchandise

Human Being of the Month
Andrew Beal "The Banker Who Said No"
...he's like a living Randian Hero

The Cartoon Corner
The Not So Incredible Adventures
of the Down and Out Dollar.
Saturday Night Live

Winnie the Pooh on Swine Flu from
Not PC. (Warning: explicit language)

The coolest picture I have ever seen.
Seriously. It's Chewbacca from Star
Wars holding a Gadsden Flag next to a
Ron Paul yard sign. Awesome.

This cartoon humorously demonstrates
that fiscal irresponsibility will
naturally teach our children to be
financially irresponsible.

Earth Day
Earth Day was last month and there
was some excellent coverage on the
blogosphere of environmental
issues. Dr. Anderson did a post on
CO2 and its classification as a
"pollutant." And I wrote a piece
entitled "Human Achievement & Joy
On Earth Day

The Tea Party Protest
As anyone can tell, who's been reading this blog, I've been very active in and supportive of the Tea Party protests, but I must say that this libertarian's reservations about them should be required reading for all of us. If you read only one thing about the Tea Parties, read his short editorial. It's very illuminating and makes points that we need to remember.

Another writer chronicles the tea partyers' struggle to stay grassroots while the GOP tried to take control of and run the Tea Party movement.

Here are some great photos of the events. I really enjoyed the creativity in a lot of the signs.

And while people protested big government, small business continued to push ahead with real economic stimulus and job creation.

Torture Doesn't Work
Torture has been a hot topic this past month, and the best article I've read on it so far is one by Megan McArdle, who argues that the best reason not to torture has nothing to do with its practical results. We shouldn't torture simply because torture is wrong. Period. Beyond that, she does direct readers to an article which suggests that whatever its tactical value, torture has proven to be of little strategic value. It may get you some critical piece of information in the short term, but in the long term torture is a losing strategy.
And now your Moment of Zen:
By Michael Hussy of Cakesecret