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Sunday, June 28, 2009

4 Celebrities Die In One Week: Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, and Ed McMahon

Sources: Jackson (PD) | Fawcett (CC) | Mays (CC) | McMahon (CC)

The passing of any human being is a sad event, and when it happens to a notable cultural icon, an entire community of people- who share in common the same cultural impact of the icon's work- feel affected as a group and mourn together collectively. This phenomenon in itself is not intrinsically unhealthy or out of sorts.

It is certainly worth noting that four cultural icons who ascended to the top of their respective fields and careers have died within the space of one week. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest late last week on the 25th. That same day, Farrah Fawcett reposed after a long battle with anal cancer. Both deaths occurred only two days after television personality Ed McMahon passed away on June 23rd. Then America learned today that TV salesmen Billy Mays was found dead this morning- June 28th.

I certainly have the very best wishes for these people's grieving families and an abiding hope for the safe and happy repose of their departed souls.

A Word for the Media:

As for the mainstream news outlets, I have to say that your coverage of these celebrity deaths is far and away, entirely disproportionate to their significance and impact on our lives, especially as juxtaposed with your coverage of the Cap and Trade bill in Congress: "HR 2454 - The American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009."

The magnitude of its impact on our lives can hardly be overstated, and it may represent one of the most significant thresholds in the expansion of U.S. Federal power and taxation in nearly a century. Michael Jackson's life and impact will be a footnote in the American history books. The period of government expansion culminating in the potential passage of HR 2454 will be an entire lesson of American history in its own right.

Your unquestioning, uncritical, disengaged approach to this issue, especially as compared to your unnecessarily flamboyant coverage of these recent celebrity deaths, represents in my opinion, a dereliction of your duty as the watchdog of this nation, as an information broker who keeps Americans informed and cognizant of what is happening in their society and how it will affect their lives.

It is my sincere hope that you will awake from and shake off your apathy- or worse, your complicity- regarding the drastic, chilling, and unprecedented changes that have been happening in our country over the last decade. Four celebrities died this week. If America remains ignorant of their leaders' activity in Washington and its potential impact, the American dream and way of life may die. It's up to you to decide which seems more newsworthy.


  1. Wow.....Wtf is going on!?

  2. Wow, it impacted me then and today I feel the same way sometimes I really feel as though it is one baddddd dream............

  3. the world is not the same without these people

  4. All I have to say is WTF is going on?

  5. Hearing Farrah died was a very bad blow to me I watched her all my life I had posters of her on all of my walls and ceiling in my bedroom growing up