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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iran Protest Update, Mousavi Profile, and What You Can Do To Help

Photo by Shahram Sharif (CC)

What happened in Iran?

After a recent election between militant isolationist & Islamist, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the Reform candidate, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, riots broke out over the widespread suspicion that Ahmadinejad's apparent electoral victory was the result of election fraud:

Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated today in downtown Tehran at a rally led by Ahmadinejad’s defeated opponent, Mir Houssein Mousavi, who charges widespread fraud in the June 12 vote.

A pro-government militia fired at opposition protesters, killing at least one person, the Associated Press reported, citing one of its photographers, who was a witness. There was no immediate confirmation. The rally took place in defiance of an official ban on public protests.

Because of the unprecedented level of Internet access and web literacy globally and in Iran, the world has had a truly historic level of awareness and involvement in Iran's "Green Revolution" -so-called because it is the color of Mousavi, Islam, and the grassroots network that propelled Mousavi's campaign:

Iranians on Facebook decided to go green. Psychedelic green. The color of Islam, the color of Mousavi and, for many, the color of hope.

The whole color scheme in this election spells poetic justice.

It was basically conditioned by the order in which the presidential candidates went on TV. Ahmadinejad drew red; and Mousavi drew green. As for the "poetic justice" green revolution, it has been driven by an ultra-energized, tech-savvy, and very young grassroots base, crisscrossing every variable, urban and rural, rich and poor, all ethnic minorities, the female vote, and even the hardcore Basij youth militias.

Who is Mousavi?

A former Prime Minister of Iran and 2009's Reform candidate. He is the candidate of free speech, civil liberties, anti-corruption, privatization, Pro-Western/Pro-American foreign policy, a free and private media, gender equality, and the disbandment of Iran's "moral police" and radical nuclear program. A true revolutionary.

What you can do to help

  • Set your Twitter account's time zone/location setting to Tehran to confuse government censors, trying to root out and silence Iranian dissent on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks for the info and the suggestions. I changed my Twitter settings but can't figure out how to change the color scheme of Facebook. How do you do that? Thanks, Dave

  2. I have an Iranian friend who says it's far worse there than CNN is capable of reporting. The government is covering up acts of it's own aggression by claiming that the protesters are becoming violent.

    She also says that she and her family are experiencing a mixture of excitement and sadness... as she put it, (and I'm paraphrasing here) "anytime there is a revolution, people get killed; so we are both happy and sad."

  3. Sorry for the late response, Dave- crazy past couple days! No need to change the color scheme of Facebook (I think you can't figure out how because it's not possible). Simply follow the link and use that picture as your profile picture.

    Thanks for that update, Steve. Anything else you hear from her that you feel at liberty to share, please do. And thanks for the reminder- every revolution is either bitter or bittersweet.

  4. Our False Prophet appears to have no idea what a golden opportunity he's passing up… overthrow this evil regime without firing a single shot… get their Armageddon-inspired nuke program off the world stage… and free 30 million people all at one time.
    But the boy wonder is too stupid to see it… or somehow just doesn’t care?

    And isn’t this what George W Bush told you was going to happen in the Middle East in the wake of Iraq's liberation?

    Maybe that’s why Barack Obama has so little apparent interest in finishing the job in Iran… no matter how much it benefits the US and free world.

  5. What exactly are you suggesting the US do?