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Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 29th Rand Paul Money Bomb

Rand Paul campaigning for his father, Ron Paul in NH - Image by nicco (CC)

About the June 29th MoneyBomb!

Readers: people have taken notice of your generous support, which made Rand's June 1stMoneyBomb a great success. Without any direct support from Rand Paul's exploratory committee, grassroots supporters raised $25,000 in a single day.

Now Rand Paul himself is asking for your help this Monday, June 29th for a second moneybomb! That is a huge step forward and shows more active engagement and commitment on Rand Paul's part. It's the first time he's actively sought our help and asked for fundraising. We would be sorely amiss not to meet his challenge.

Rand Paul Is Asking For Your Support!

From a Rand Paul U.S. Senate Exploratory Committee e-mail dated June 25th (visit Rand's website to subscribe to his e-mail updates):

Fellow citizens,

Thank you for supporting my Exploratory Committee for the United States Senate. Your generosity has given me the resources to travel the state speaking with Kentuckians about what is important to them, and spread the message of liberty.

This last weekend Kelley and I and the kids travelled to Northern Kentucky and met with conservative business leaders and got a good write-up in the major daily newspaper. On Sunday, I spoke at an Anti-Tax rally.

We are making inroads every day.

Kentucky has a fairly small primary, and with several potential candidates to split the vote, victory is definitely achievable. We are preparing every means of getting our message out, combining direct mail, TV, radio and billboards.

When we combine this effort with the active grassroots support that characterized my father's campaign, we will be a force to be reckoned with.

My most likely opponent is a career politician, a former Democrat whose family still supports Democrats for office. Several political heavyweights and party leaders have already been fundraising for him, and he is expected to post some impressive fundraising numbers by July in an attempt to overwhelm his opponents.

In order to emerge from this onslaught unscathed and maintain our favorable position with the media, I believe we will need to reach at least $100,000 raised by the end of June.

Grassroots supporters are organizing a money blast for June 29th. Can I count on you to once again donate $1,000, $500, $100 or even $25 to keep us competitive and pave the way for a successful campaign?

Government continues to destabilize our economy and confiscate our wealth. Times are difficult for many of us. But this is precisely why we can't afford to send more of the same to Washington. To begin restoring prosperity and freedom to our country, we need to elect people who will defend the Constitution against any kind of political pressure. It would be my honor to represent you in the United States Senate. This is a victory we can achieve together for the liberty movement.

This is a race we can win, and I mean to win it!

Thank you for your support,

Rand Paul
Rand Paul for US Senate Exploratory Committee

Wow! Rand is saying he wants to make this happen, and if we help him, he will rise to the challenge and win this thing!

And on his website, Rand said:

"Raising money in politics has two purposes: the most obvious is you need the money to campaign but the second, sometimes less obvious reason, is to send a message. If we can get to $100,000 by June 30th, that sends a louder message."

Grassroots Power!

The last moneybomb for Rand Paul on June 1st was launched right here at The Humble Libertarian, after I noticed that June 1st was the day Kentucky was admitted to the union while doing research for an article I contributed to Rand's website entitled, "The Case for Rand Paul."

Likewise, the June 29th Rand Paul MoneyBomb was conceived of by a grassroots patriot by the name of Chris Southworth, who wanted to get Rand Paul above $100,000 by an important June 30th FEC reporting deadline.

That's when the various contenders in Kentucky's 2010 U.S. Senate race will have to show their hand. The better Rand Paul's fundraising compares to theirs, the more momentum we will build for his campaign. Great idea, Chris!

Let's make the June 29th MoneyBomb a success!

Dr. Paul is already at nearly $80,000 in total as of this writing- so if we can simply duplicate the success of the last moneybomb on June 1st, we will easily push him past $100,000- but it will take action on your part to give and to promote this moneybomb to others!

It's almost poetic. We started off the month of June with a moneybomb, and now we're going to end it with one, just ahead of the massive Tea Party protests happening early next month. Let's make sure this month goes down in American history as the spark that started the explosion of liberty, which will be the career of U.S. Senator Rand Paul.

PS: I've been talking to some key grassroots players in the Rand Paul and Ron Paul movements, and we are getting together "the big one" for later this summer- a really big moneybomb that will propel Rand to Washington where we need him!

Stay subscribed to this blog and I will keep you updated. But to make sure Rand stays in the game long enough for "the big one" to drop, we have to see him through this reporting deadline by making the June 29th mini-MoneyBomb a success!

Start spreading the word!

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  1. Actually it was not my idea, it was Wes Collins idea he deserves the credit

  2. Ah! Please get back to me on this- does he have a website so I can send him some link love?

    I'm going to do an article soon about the moneybomb's succcess and I'll make that correction then, so that my readers will see it for sure.

    Man, what is it with people named Wes starting Rand Paul moneybombs?