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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peter Schiff Does Not Announce On Daily Show!

Awe crap.

Sorry folks. Last week I got it wrong, and Peter Schiff did not announce tonight.

I was a little worried earlier this evening when his website wasn't up. I guess we'll have to keep waiting.

I called "my guy" and talked about it. Schiff is still figuring some things out and dealing with a few hurdles before he announces. Hopefully I can get you some more accurate advanced notice next time before he does.

In the meantime, stay in touch and I will keep you posted on any developments.


  1. I just watched it... Stewart sure tried to get him to admit to it... but Schiff definitely didn't commit...

    Oh man though, the stuff he was saying was awesome.

  2. Yeah... I like how calm, assured, well-spoken, and good-natured Schiff is- even when predicting economic doom like the collapse of the dollar and hyper-stagflation.

  3. From what I'm hearing, I would bet that he'll run. Every day he gets a flood of e-mails asking him to, and he says that it is definitely influencing him. He reads all his e-mails and the best thing you can do to encourage him is send him one yourself telling him how important it is to you to have a sound economist in the Senate. His website is

  4. Thanks!Btw, great story on your last video!

  5. Hey thanks! It's been a very cool month for the freedom movement, and I've been lucky beyond words to be involved.


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