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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peter Schiff on Daily Show Tonight, Has Up But Offline

I have checked (as distinct from, the site aimed at convincing him to run) to see if he had an official website up for tonight and it appears he has something going.

It is presently offline (10:04 PM EDT) other than a little "Liberty Bell" favicon in my url bar and the title "Peter Schiff for US Senate Representing Connecticut," but perhaps he'll have it up in time for his expected announcement tonight on the Daily Show.

I certainly hope he has it going in time (Daily Show starts at 11:00 PM EDT) if he does announce tonight so that we can drop him a little bit of love in the form of Federal Reserve notes to kick off his announcement with a mini- announcement- money-bomb!

In the meantime, the website itself seems to be just a little more confirmation of a Schiff 2010 Senate bid. You heard it here first! Keep checking back to this post and my Twitter account for updates tonight.

And let's get those debit/credit cards ready in case we all get what we're sincerely hoping for as believers in limited, Constitutional government!

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