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Friday, June 5, 2009

Peter Schiff To Announce Next Week On Daily Show

Photograph of Peter Schiff (CC)

I have heard from some very well-connected and credible sources that Peter Schiff, Congressman Ron Paul's economic advisor during his 2007-08 Presidential bid, is going to make a very big announcement *wink* next week on June 9th during his appearance on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

There are also whispers about an "Announcement Mini-Money Bomb" for Schiff on June 9th when he announces. When Rand Paul made his announcement last month on Rachel Maddow's show, he managed to raise $14,000 in one night, if I remember correctly.

We think Schiff can do even more as the Freedom R3volution rouses itself and moves forward into a promising 2010 midterm election. With your help, we'd like to try for $50,000! That's an audacious goal, but we think it's achievable. Plus- we here in the liberty movement believe in the audacity of hope.

Feel free to hold back a little because there will be some bigger moneybombs on the horizon, but please do make even a small contribution to Schiff this June 9th after he announces. Just as importantly, make sure you let people know that this is happening! Knowledge is power.

The more people we can make aware of this, the more impressive Schiff's total will be next week, which will gain him more media exposure and credibility.

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