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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Carpooling with Rand Paul to the Lexington Meeting of the Center Right Coalition

"Rand Paul and I" © 2009 W. E. Messamore

The Meeting in Lexington

As I explain in the video below, I was invited by Dawn Cloyd of the Bluegrass Institute to a meeting of the Center Right Coalition of Kentucky in Lexington.

The Trip with Rand Paul

I got to carpool to the meeting with Rand Paul and the treasurer of his exploratory committee. It was a blast! I very much enjoyed getting to speak with Dr. Paul and experience first hand his sharp intelligence, great sense of humor, calm demeanor, and impressive depth of political and philosophical knowledge.

Perhaps the best part was getting to see the personal side of Rand Paul. It's easy to forget that both Dr. Pauls are human beings with lives and families outside of politics and monetary policy. Rand really is putting a whole lot on the line and sacrificing a great deal in order to entertain the possibility of a U.S. Senate run.

Let's make sure Rand's sacrifices aren't wasted by pushing forward with him every step of the way. Let's volunteer and sacrifice our own time (and yes, even a little bit of money- he might be putting his entire medical practice on hold to campaign full time) to make sure Rand Paul wins in Kentucky's Republican Primary and then again in its General Election for U.S. Senate.

Oh yeah, and I learned that Rand Paul is a fan of the best band ever: Rush. You heard it here first: Rand Paul loves Rush music. He said that sometimes in speeches he likes to highlight government corruption and the GOP's drift from its core values by quoting from the Rush song "Spirit of the Radio" which says "Glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrity." He also likes "The Trees."

"The Trees" - Rush Song, Allegory of Socialism?


At the meeting in Lexington, I got to meet a lot of cool people and learn about some great organizations fighting for liberty. Here they are with links to their respective web sites:

Americans for Tax Reform
Matt Lockett for Congress
We the People Foundation

And if you need a place to stay in Lexington, hit up the Inn on Broadway.

PS: You can view Rand's updates about the trip here and here.


  1. What a blessing of an opportunity! I would gladly move up from my home here in TN to KY in order to work for Rand Paul.

  2. You know, the cool thing is that you don't have to! There's a ton you can do right from where you are to promote his campaign, spread the message, and help get our man elected.

    Of course, I think I might end up spending at least some time in Kentucky as the election gears up to volunteer for his campaign (especially in Western Kentucky where most of my family is from).

  3. Amusingly, Neal Peart maintains that "The Trees" was not an allegory to anything, but just a story.

    I think that's along the same lines as Paul McCartney claiming that "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" isn't a reference to LSD....

  4. It always confuses me when people do that.

    "...and the trees are all kept equal...

    by hatchet! axe! and saw!"