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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rand Paul Money Bomb Press Release

The Humble Libertarian
Contact: Wes Messamore
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Bowling Green Ophthalmologist, RAND PAUL Raises $25,000 Online in One Day MONEYBOMB For U. S. Senate Bid

Bowling Green resident Rand Paul (son of 2008 Presidential candidate Ron Paul) formed a U. S. Senate Exploratory Committee in early May 2009. On May 23rd, grassroots supporters launched a money bomb- a single day of massive donations- scheduled for June 1st[1]. On June 1st, with only a week of preparation and no effort from Rand Paul's exploratory committee, grassroots organizers raised Dr. Rand Paul $25,000 online in one day.

Rand Paul was encouraged by Republican Congressman Ron Paul's supporters to make a bid for Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning's embattled U. S. Senate seat. Rand Paul announced his committee on the Rachel Maddow show on May 14, 2009[2]. By May 23rd, grassroots organizers had put together a "money bomb" a single day of massive donations, echoing the 2007 money bombs that raised Republican Presidential contender Ron Paul more than any other GOP candidate in the fourth quarter of 2007.

Rand Paul's grassroots money bomb was planned for June 1st, the day Kentucky became a commonwealth and was officially admitted to the Union. The money bomb was conceived as a small demonstration of the massive fundraising potential Rand Paul can effortlessly tap into because of the widespread, grassroots, national, online support that rallied around his father, Ron Paul in 2007- support that presumably, no other contender for Senator Bunning's seat (including Senator Bunning) will have.

The RNC has pressured incumbent Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning to decline running for a third term. Bunning's first run for Senate in 1998 was extremely close- he won only by a narrow margin of 6,000 votes (49.75% to 49.16%). Then in 2004, as an incumbent, against an unknown State Senator, and riding George W. Bush's 20% lead over John Kerry in Kentucky, Bunning still only managed to pull out another narrow victory of 873,507 to Daniel Mongiardo's 850,855 (which is 50.66% to 49.34%)[3].

Rand Paul had maintained that he would not challenge Senator Bunning in a Republican Senate primary (Bunning has not yet stepped down, but has sent mixed signals by encouraging Kentucky's Secretary of State Trey Grayson, a former Democrat, to form an exploratory committee for Bunning's seat), but on May 27th, Rand Paul announced that if he raises a significant amount of money over the next several months, he would give serious consideration to challenging Bunning in a primary[4].

About The Humble Libertarian

Started in October 2008, The Humble Libertarian is a weblog with daily updates featuring news and unique commentary on current events and politics within the context and framework of a robust, unified, and coherent philosophy of government and its proper role in a civil society.

Its owner, editor, and chief contributor is Wes Messamore, a 22-year-old entrepreneurship student and libertarian political activist residing in Nashville, TN. It was Wes who originally conceived and then orchestrated the June 1, 2009 Rand Paul Money Bomb.

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Rand Paul Supporters- please contact the following newspapers and radio stations to which I am releasing the above press report (or randomly pick one or two to contact), and let them know that you would like them to cover the Rand Paul Money Bomb story. If you're calling by phone, we especially need people calling from a Kentucky area code.

This is an essential part of the follow-up to yesterday's successful money bomb, because it won't get anyone's attention unless we let the media know what happened yesterday. Thanks again for your outpouring of support!

Kentucky Newspapers:

The Daily Independent (Ashland)
Bowling Green Daily News
The State Journal (Frankfort)
The Courier-Journal (Louisville)
Lexington Herald-Leader
Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer
The Paducah Sun

Kentucky Radio Stations:

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