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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The RJ Harris Moneybomb - June 19

Who is RJ Harris? A soldier of 18 years. A husband of one wife. A father of five children. A Constitutionalist of candor. A man of mettle.

As an army veteran with two deployments to Iraq, RJ Harris has already been fighting and sacrificing for the freedom of others, but now he contends that the greatest threat to America's own freedom is its corrupt Washington leadership and their headlong rush into statist tyranny on our behalf.

As a Washington outsider, a husband, and a father- RJ Harris is a common man with common interests- a just civil order in which to raise his family, domestic tranquility rather than domestic tyranny, a strong, effective, and Constitutional national defense, the welfare of his children, and the security of our liberty for ourselves and for future generations.

Because of this, RJ Harris has boldly challenged the establishment incumbent and career politician Tom Cole, for the U.S. Congress seat representing the Fourth District of Oklahoma. BUT HE NEEDS YOUR HELP! To maintain the integrity of his person and office, RJ Harris is not soliciting any donations from lobbyists or corporations. You can bet his opponents are!

This is why it is imperative that lovers of freedom and Constitutional government who want Dr. Ron Paul (and hopefully the many other great liberty candidates making bids in 2010) to be in good company on Capitol Hill, need to ban together and help provide the funding RJ Harris needs to bring his message to the people of his Oklahoma district.

On Friday June 19th, 2009 - there will be an RJ Harris Moneybomb. Please pledge to donate and just as importantly to spread the word about this moneybomb. On 6/19 make your donation here and ONLY here: RJ Harris 2010 OK 4 - Donate.

Remember that not too long from now, another great liberty candidate- Adam Kokesh- will be having his own moneybomb on July 4th. I will be doing an upcoming post with a full list of 2010 liberty candidates, including their respective profiles and moneybomb dates to keep you informed and give you an idea of the big picture for 2010.

It seems I'm asking a lot- and I know that I am. I know because it's a lot for me too! But having candidates that you can fully support and even be excited about is a very rare thing for us liberty-minded people. It hasn't happened in my (admittedly short) lifetime until Ron Paul's bid for President in 2007-08. Now the Ron Paul Revolution has suddenly seemed to spawn an entire field of patriotic contenders for national office.

Let's take advantage of this rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and remember that if we don't volunteer our financial support for these great freedom-fighters today, we won't be politely asked for our financial support for American-style socialism tomorrow. We can't afford not to give. The cost in blood and treasure of losing this battle will be far too high.

I really believe that, and if you do too- I'll see you on June 19th! Happy moneybombing!

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