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Friday, June 19, 2009

RJ Harris Moneybomb Today

Bombs away, patriots!

Bombs away!

Today- Friday June 19th, 2009- is the day of the RJ Harris Moneybomb.

Please donate and just as importantly, spread the word about this moneybomb. Make your donation here and ONLY here: RJ Harris 2010 OK 4 - Donate. Remember that not too long from now, another great liberty candidate- Adam Kokesh- will be having his own moneybomb on July 4th.

It seems I'm asking a lot- and I know that I am. I know because it's a lot for me too! But having candidates that you can fully support and even be excited about is a very rare thing for us liberty-minded people. It hasn't happened in my (admittedly short) lifetime until Ron Paul's bid for President in 2007-08. Now the Ron Paul Revolution has suddenly seemed to spawn an entire field of patriotic contenders for national office.

Let's take advantage of this rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and remember that if we don't volunteer our financial support for these great freedom-fighters today, we won't be politely asked for our financial support for American-style socialism tomorrow. We can't afford not to give. The cost in blood and treasure of losing this battle will be far too high.

I really believe that, and if you do too- cruise on over to RJ's site and give! Happy moneybombing!


  1. Thanks for spreading the word. I made my donation today. Viva the freedom revolution!

  2. Hey no problem! Thanks for being part of the solution. I really hope this moneybomb blows past it's goal.