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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Congressman Ron Paul Officially Endorses Son Rand Paul For U.S. Senate Bid

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Just got this e-mail a few minutes ago from Congressman Ron Paul:

Dear Friend,

My son, Rand, has helped me campaign since he was 11. He and his brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews have literally knocked on thousands of doors for me.

At the age of 21, Rand debated Phil Gramm in my US Senate race in my stead. During the Presidential election he traveled to ten states giving speeches for me. He appeared on hundreds of radio programs for me. I am grateful for his contribution and very proud of the thoughtful, principled man Rand has become.

So, it is with great enthusiasm that I endorse my son Rand's venture into electoral politics. Rand has formed an exploratory committee to run for Senate in Kentucky. Sending Rand to Washington would be a tremendous victory for the Freedom Movement.

I hope you will join me in supporting Rand in any way you feel comfortable. You can get more information or make a contribution at

Rand has also established himself as a significant force in Kentucky politics. For fifteen years he has run Kentucky Taxpayers United, a group that rates the state legislature and promotes the Taxpayer Protection Pledge whereby candidates and office holders take a pledge not to raise taxes.

Like me, Rand is a graduate of Duke Medical School. Rand is an eye surgeon, married for eighteen years, and has three children. In addition to politics, he is the founder of the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic that provides free care for those in need.

I hope you will visit Rand's website,, and consider supporting him in any way you can.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul's server is being overloaded. I can't even get to it. If the timing of this has anything to do with what we Rand Paul supporters pulled off this June 1st, then I love each and every one of you guys that much more and am that much more proud of our efforts and sacrifice. We the People can make a difference, we can throw off the reigns of tyranny, and we can change our world.

Did you hear that Obama? Yes we can!

Update: 9:26 CDT June 4, 2009:

Looking things over at, I can see that Monday's moneybomb had a residual effect on the following two days with $1340 raised on June 2nd and $1175 on June 3rd. Then today, you can see when Ron Paul's endorsement dropped.

In just a few short hours, Rand Paul has raised another $10,000 and I imagine that number will continue to climb until midnight, pushing his total fundraising past $65,000:

Developing. Will post updates here.


  1. I would hope he endorses his son :)

  2. Yeah I guess that would be pretty sad if he didn't, huh?

    It's all about timing though. I was certainly surprised to see Dr. Paul's endorsement this early on while Rand is still in the exploratory committee phase.