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Monday, June 29, 2009

Tennessee Rages Against Cap and Trade At Tea Party in Downtown Nashville (Photos)

Legislative Plaza, Downtown Nashville at 11:45 am CDT

Legislative Plaza, Downtown Nashville at 12:00 pm CDT

Legislative Plaza, Downtown Nashville at 12:36 pm CDT

I stopped by Congressman Jim Cooper's Nashville office (just a block from Legislative plaza) before the rally to let him know that if he continues to pursue a policy of reckless spending, that his incumbency would be endangered.

I stressed to the man I spoke to that this is not a partisan issue and that Bill Clinton balanced the budget and ran surpluses. I urged him to encourage Rep. Cooper to legislate more responsibly.

They had a very, very long petition against cap and trade that hundreds of people signed.

A Pro-Life sign: There is NO Liberty or Property without LIFE!

The original Sons of Liberty who marched into Boston Harbor and dumped British tea in defiance of the Tea Act (a bailout of the East India Trading company because it was too big to fail) wore the garb of Native Americans to disguise themselves and avoid execution for their act of treason.

If we would only have the fortitude of heart that those men had -perhaps America would not be headed in such an ominous direction. As a throwback to the original party and an admonishment to take courage, I dressed as a Native American.

Cap and Trade was a BIG issue today.

Flying the American flag upside down is the standard distress signal for an emergency. I tell you, there is not a better time to fly an emergency signal.

This grandmother was very nice and told me that she was out here for her grand kids. She doesn't want their future to be ruined by our current leaders' recklessness.

Phil Valentine spoke and said euphemistically that Cap and Trade is a bunch of "bovine scatology."

A patriot flying the flag before the Tennessee Legislative Assembly

End the Fed! The Federal Reserve Bank is one of the chief ills of our modern civil order. It helps to fuel the problem of runaway government spending.

Cap and Trade is pretty ridiculous.

That's the idea.

Family staying cool in the fountain pool.

Another family staying cool in the shade.

These people braved some pretty hot weather to challenge their government.

More people staying cool.

And don't forget. Don't ever, ever forget- all this debt our nation's leaders are racking up will fall on the heads of our young people. It is their future that the Obama Administration and Pelosi Congress are mortgaging.

I took a lot more pictures and didn't have time to get them all posted up here! Thanks so much to all the kind Nashville Tea Partiers who let me take their picture.