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Monday, June 1, 2009

Victory - The June 1st Rand Paul Money Bomb Was A Success!

Screenshot from at 11:00PM CDT

Rand Paul's June 1 online donations (times are EDT)
Courtesy of: RandPaulGraphs

In one day we raised $25,000 for Rand Paul.

This is a tremendous success and I am so thankful to everyone who's made it possible. This shows that with no support from Rand's Exploratory Committee and only a week of preparation, some kid in Nashville with a B-list C-list blog can concoct and orchestrate a $25,000 online fundraiser in just one day.

Why? Because there is a massive, passionate, and national movement afoot that rallied around Rand Paul's father, Ron Paul, and will rally around Rand if he throws his hat in for sure. Rand has a HUGE base of support and fundraising to tap into if and when he decides to officially enter the Republican primary.

Imagine three months to prepare for another money bomb, the full support of Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty, and all the old Ron Paul e-mail lists fired up and ready to go! Rand Paul's possible opponents in Kentucky should be nervous about Rand Paul's potential fundraising prowess, because we have demonstrated today that it is truly great.

UPDATE 12:51 PM CDT June 2, 2009

Rand Paul's committee responds to the Money Bomb's success:

"Rand Paul was blindsided by supporters today. Just two weeks after announcing an exploratory committee to run for United States Senate, the Internet continues to be kind to the Paul family. The Rand Paul for US Senate Exploratory Committee saw an injection of over $25,000 yesterday from a 'mini'-bomb organized by a humble grassroots supporter.

Dr. Paul responded that he was gratified by the support and plans to call the young man today. Still hard at work as an eye surgeon, the Rand Paul for US Senate Exploratory Committee has raised $50,000 before they have begun asking for donations.

Traditional fundraisers are scheduled for Bowling Green in July and Texas in August. Tentative plans are for fundraisers in California in September and Florida in October and New York in November."


  1. If I promise to run for something will you do me a money bomb? heehee

    Congratulations. I admire what you do. You are very gifted.


  2. Thanks Chuck!

    I wish it were that easy. I wish I could say that all I'd have to do is say the word and you'd raise 25K in a day without breaking a sweat. But this happened because of the power of Rand's message, rather than because of any skill on my part.

    It is a truly amazing kind of individualism I got to experience this past week. I was a part of this, I started & helped organize this, but it wasn't about me. And it wouldn't have and couldn't have been successful if it were about me.

    I am hopeful that this rising tide of freedom is going to make some serious inroads to proper government. What happened Monday proved that we still have the fire (and plenty of moneybombs armed and ready!).