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Monday, July 6, 2009

Changes at The Humble Libertarian

Alrighty folks- I have some great news! I am in the process of taking over responsibilities as the Deputy Treasurer for a Political Action Committee (you'll hear all about it when our new website goes live, hopefully later this month). You can be sure however, that I will continue writing great content on a regular and frequent basis here at THL.

The cool thing about it is that I feel like my electoral activism has dominated a disproportionate amount of the content here lately, and I would like to get back to some very deep, analytical-type essays about policy and the proper role of government.

So a lot of my work and writing with respect to libertarian candidates and electoral activism will likely move to the new PAC website, while I continue to write political essays and keep you updated on other news here at The Humble Libertarian.

I have lots of good articles in store for you and you will likely notice a marked difference in the style of content over the next month. I am also putting together an issues page tonight, which I will hopefully have completed and linked to by tomorrow.

That said, please share your thoughts, feelings, and suggestions about the nature of the content here. What have you liked and not liked? Have you actually preferred the posts I've been doing lately? Will you be glad to see me get back to the kind of writing I was originally doing more of here? Would some balance between these suit you better? Just let me know!

Charging Forward,
-W. E. Messamore

PS: I updated my favicon (I tried this multiple times before and failed- it finally worked for me tonight.)! If it's not showing up in your browser and you'd like to see it, clearing your cache may help (particularly for IE).


  1. Keep up the good work. I enjoy the blog and the content you provide.

  2. Thank you very much, you two! I will keep on churning it out.

    PS: I am on the prowl for other libertarian bloggers who would be willing to let me do a guest contribution on their sites-

    If you'd be interested in putting up a guest post to save you the trouble of writing that day and to get a little link love (I'd send my readers your way to read my post)...

    And / Or if you know other libertarian / conservative bloggers who would likewise be interested, please let me know.

    I'm kind of overflowing with ideas over here and want to disseminate them far and wide!

  3. W.E. - I'll take you up on that offer, peruse my site and make sure I am a good fit, maybe you could get a feel for a particular theme of post to cross post at the Left Coast Rebel. I'd love to do that though! Contact me on Twitter.

  4. Or email me from the right side 'email' tab on my site. I have a pretty good readership so it would promote your site too!

  5. I can't lie, the activism I've seen here lately has been keeping me away from the site for awhile. I have THL bookmarked and I use to love checking it everyday for insightful thoughts about government and political issues but for the past month or so I almost dread looking because I know I'll only see moneybomb news or some canidate to back, or the like.

    I certainly understand the importance of those issues as well, and I too am and activist for these great causes, but that sort of thing isn't what made me start and continue reading THL for so long now.

    So, in short, I can't wait for the change!

    Keep up the great work!

  6. @Rebel For sure, man. I will hopefully be getting in touch with you this week about it.

    @Justice I am glad to hear it! Thanks for speaking up and letting me know.

    And to all readers- never hesitate to share this kind of feedback with me in the future so I can make this blog the best possible.

  7. I have to say, I agree with Justice. I do prefer the more thoughtful approach to government/politics over the activist pieces. Like Justice, I also realize the importance of those, but I feel that I am already overexposed to these activist articles.

  8. Manifest Destiny. The natural right of Wes to control the entire libertarian blog sphere.

  9. @Anonymous Thanks for telling me.

    @Ben LOL. Thanks, Ben. Just stop me if I start forcibly relocating other libertarian bloggers to Oklahoma!

  10. You look like the kid from Waking Life in that photo