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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Liberty in 2010 - Adam Kokesh's and Rand Paul's Moneybomb Dates (July 4th / August 20th)

Some announcements related to all the great liberty candidates on the field for 2010:
  1. Don't Forget Kokesh's July 4th Moneybomb
  2. Rand Paul's June 29th Moneybomb a Success
  3. Rand Paul's August 20th Moneybomb in the Works

1. Don't forget Adam Kokesh's moneybomb on July 4th.

2. Rand Paul's campaign raised another $25,000
in one day on June 29th. Thanks so much for all your support in making that a success!

This last moneybomb pushed Rand over $100,000 in total donations after only a little over a month as an official exploratory committee, and just in time for an FEC reporting deadline on the 30th.

Says Rand about the moneybomb:

A correction: When I promoted the moneybomb in a post last month, I mistakenly credited Chris Southworth with conceiving of the June 29th bomb. He graciously commented and e-mailed me to let me know of my mistake and to inform me that the June 29th moneybomb was in fact the brainchild of Wes Collins.

Congrats on the successful moneybomb Wes! And nice name!

3. The Big One! The Aug. 20th Rand Paul MoneyBomb

This has been in the works for a while now. Especially after these last two moneybomb successes, grassroots organizers in the Rand Paul camp have been trying to pin down the perfect date for the biggest moneybomb yet- one that would be planned far enough in advance to get enough people together to drop a big one- to raise one million dollars in one day for Rand Paul's Senate campaign!

Finally, I decided to look up a few important dates to figure out what would best fit our time frame- and I came up with Congressman Ron Paul's birthday: August 20th. After talking to some of the big time organizers that have had the online and networking artillery power to make the past two moneybombs a success, all agreed that this would be the best date for it.

So you heard it here first: the $1,000,000 Rand Paul Moneybomb will be on August 20th. Start chattering about it and creating some buzz! Today I was on the phone with the man who created the successful Nov. 5th 2007 moneybomb for Ron Paul's presidential campaign, and he is working right now to get up the "official" grassroots site for Rand's million dollar moneybomb.

I'll link to it as soon as it's ready. In the meantime, the graphic above is your sneak peak of how it will look- because I had the honor of doing the graphic design for it today.