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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pledge for Rand Paul!

This week's news that Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning is stepping down from another run has fueled a lot of excitement and energy for the 2010 Senate campaign of Dr. Rand Paul, the son of Texas Congressman and 2008 Presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

Some weeks ago, Trevor Lyman, who started the two successful money bombs for Ron Paul's Presidential bid in 2007, launched to raise Rand Paul $1,000,000 in one day this August 20th.

I just want to strongly encourage you to visit the site and pledge to support Rand this August 20th, which happens to be Congressman Ron Paul's birthday. Let's give Ron Paul the best birthday present he could ask for and help put another liberty-loving patriot on Capitol Hill!

Action Alert:

If you are concerned that your pledge won't make a difference- here's how it can: I have a friend named Jon who is an active member of the Republican party in my county who says he will pledge $100 for Rand Paul's Aug 20th money bomb if I can find ten other people who will pledge along with him.

Together, that means $1100 towards sending Rand Paul to Washington. I told him that I could find at least ten people who would go in with him. If you are willing, please e-mail me or leave a comment on this thread (along with your e-mail address) saying you are willing to match Jon's $100 if I can pull together ten people.

When I get ten pledges, I'll e-mail all of you to let you know and I'll include a link to so you can sign up to drop your money bomb on August 20th!