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Sunday, July 12, 2009

US Postal Service FAIL

Friday, I recommended an alternative stimulus package to Congress in case the push for a second round of stimulus gains momentum. Recommendation #4 was "Auction Government Assets- Like the USPS."

I explained:

A good place to start would be selling the U.S. Postal Service. In order to provide us an increasingly low-quality, poorly-managed, inefficient, and unneeded service, Americans pay billions every year to fuel and maintain the USPS fleet of over 250,000 vehicles, its huge staff (it's the third largest employer in the US), infrastructure, and operations costs.

Well a libertarian friend and former schoolmate of mine sent in this photo to illustrate my point:

Captions anyone?

Thanks for the photo, George!


  1. Yeah! Apparently it's not just the Congressmen in our government who can't read.

  2. I have a notice on our front door mail slot "Notice Please do not put Magazines through the slot!"

    we have one postman who is very good at following this but on the days he is not on duty my magazines get ravaged by being put thru the small mail slot on our 100 year old door. Dave

  3. Can't be bothered to read or follow written instructions... or maybe he and his managers just don't feel the need to compete for your dollars because the government takes them out of your pocket anyways!