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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Change We Can Believe In: Obama Raises 10 Year Deficit Projection to $9 trillion

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Matt Drudge set the conservative/libertarian blogosphere on fire over the weekend with his link to a Reuters article entitled: "Obama to raise 10-year deficit to $9 trillion," after which I started seeing this graphic everywhere and was inspired to make a t-shirt.

Reason Magazine's blog, Hit & Run, had it right in June when contributor, Nick Gillespie wrote that President Obama says he's concerned about the deficit, and is willing to "do anything" but cut spending to stop it.

If "change" means everything that was bad about the Bush Administration only worse this time, then the Obama Administration has certainly delivered on its promise to bring "change" to Washington.


  1. To me your shirt looks confusing... it looks as if the defecit is decreasing year by year...

  2. You're not confused. The CBO predicts a smaller deficit in '10 than '09, and a smaller one again in '11 than '10, but that doesn't change the fact they're all humongous (the three worst in U.S. history).

    Promising to loot a little less next year doesn't exactly endear me to the Obama Administration, especially since starting in '13, the deficits will start to increase again year after year.

    The point is that Obama's Administration is giving us ten years of the ten worst deficits in U.S. history. Sure they fluctuate, but they're huge deficits- the worst ever deficits.

    So the emblematic Obama "O" is altered to spill into deficits to show what that "O" really stands for.