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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Open Thread Aug. 29, 2009

This is something I've seen other bloggers do and thought I'd try it out here at THL. "Open Thread" means you are free to comment and discuss on whatever you'd like. Want to start a discussion about something? Go for it! Make suggestions for upcoming posts here? Feel welcome to. What's on your mind right now as it relates to politics, news, culture, philosophy, (etc.)? Sound off!


  1. Why do you suppose BO wants to control the internet? My take is too much information on the Fraud in our Monetary system and the fact that the FDIC is broke?

    Your take?

  2. Little surprise here JP is BO's favorite banker

  3. Nice to see that banner of Rand Paul vs Grayson. I think we are almost underestimating how huge it would be for our movement to get Rand or Peter elected into the senate. Even winning the primary will be a big step. I there races to be a reforendum on the last 10 years of Conservative leadership. The idea of new blood in the party and trying to get away from these hand picked insiders is something I think the average voter can connect with. Great site!

  4. @Lori That's a good question- lemme answer it with another: do you think Obama is consiously trying to assume more power over our communication, or that he really believes this is necessary to keep us safe?

    As for me, I can only speculate- but to assume so many unchecked powers that are so clearly unconstitutional is a trifle more than suspicious. I would say that I'm not sure whether Mr. Obama has any consious designs fo using Senator Rockefeller's bill to hush dissent, but I would definitely agree that this is part of a deliberate program on Obama's part to consolidate the government's power- which he thinks is ultimately better (for his interests, if not ours)

    @Tajitj Thanks for your kind words and excellent analysis on Rand Paul's Senate campaign. I truly think he's our best chance for a decisive electoral victory this 2010. He'll be speaking tomorrow in Nashville and I can't wait to attend!

  5. What do you think about the bill thats currently waiting to be approved by Massachusetts?

  6. I glanced over it, and it's just more unchecked power for the executive branch of Massachusetts' government. It allows the executive branch a blank check on action and spending under the circumstances of a "health emergency." If I were in the Massachusetts legislature, I wouldn't vote for it.