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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

President Obama Nominates Ben Bernanke To Second Term: Videos of Bernanke Testifying

The news broke late Monday night that President Obama would be holding a press conference today and announce his nomination of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to another four-year term.

The story broke on the same day that hundreds of grassroots activists sent letters to Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi demanding an audit of the monetary activities of the Federal Reserve Bank.

The following is a list of ten videos of Fed Chairman Bernanke testifying (and getting grilled) to various members of Congress about the activities of the Fed.

He visibly squirms at and evades some of the tough questions about the Fed's secretive policies, outrageous loans, and severe devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. One Congressman (Grayson - D) even laughs out loud at Bernanke's feeble answers.

The very last video is a compilation of Bernanke's false predictions about the U.S. economy, which call into question the credibility of his recent statements that he expects an economic recovery by year's end.


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I)

Rep. Dan Burton (R)

Rep. Bill Posey (R)

Rep. M. Bachmann (R)

Rep. Jim Jordan (R)
Rep. Alan Grayson (D)

Rep. Scott Garrett (R)

Rep. Ed Royce (R)

Rep. Ron Paul (R)

"Ben Bernanke Was Wrong"


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  1. Does it really matter who's running the Fed? It'll continue to do what it was designed to do, thus it needs to be abolished.

  2. Potentially if somebody were to get in charge of it that was actually fiscally responsible, they could incorporate the changes that are necessary. Or better yet, self-audit and release the results to the public!

  3. @Skyler Point well taken- as Ron Paul recently said about Bernanke's second term, it's more important that we fire the Fed than fire Bernanke.

    But at the same time, I can Steve's point, that within the context of an inherently corrupt system, a "good guy" could at least reign things in a little.

    Certainly this tells us a lot about Obama and how in line he is with the policies of the Bush Administration. Change? Yeah...

  4. IMHO, Bernanke is a righteous, honest Fed Chairman, but wherein the financial collapse is so much worse than imagined, that he had no choice but to refuse an audit. Same with TARP, et al, as the USA is still surely on the precipice of a total financial collapse.

    If the REAL fiscal books were opened & examined on the Fed and the major money center banks, we'd find that the Emperor has no $clothes, all are in substantive default, negative equity, sans the Fed's/Treasury's fiat printing press.

    In sum, the economic, fiscal & monetary situation is currently far worse than our worst nightmares, hence, why the Obamanomics false face [Joker?] is smiling.

  5. I'm confused by your unqualified support for Bernanke, but criticism of Obama whose policies Bernanke enacts and who appointed Mr. Bernanke to a second term. If Obama's the Joker, isn't Bernanke the Riddler? A giant question mark as a placeholder for what should be the truth about what the Fed is doing with our money? An enigma shrouded in mystery and covered in green?