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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Videos of Protesters at Town Hall Meetings Across America as Congress Recesses

Take a good look at these videos below and you will start to get a picture of how Americans really feel about President Obama's healthcare reform (whatever the Democrats may say), particularly the Congressional Democrats' bill, H.R. 3200, with its "public option."

Way to go, patriots! Seeing you crashing these town hall meetings is just one more argument for requiring our Congressmen to spend 75% of their time in their districts! Keep up the energy, keep up the activism, and most importantly of all... roll all of this forward into electoral action in 2010 to unseat the tyrants in Congress!

PS: While you're watching these videos, here are a couple questions for our nation's tyrants to consider- "Do the people in these videos look anything like Nazis to you, Madame Pelosi?" and "Are the people who are talking in these videos the ones who made the mess, or is it the Washington politicians they're talking to, President Obama?"

Rep. Doggett Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Bishop Town Hall Meeting

Sen. McCaskill Town Hall Meeting

Sec. Sebelius Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Driehaus Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Hoyer Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Castor Town Hall Meeting

Reps. Ross & Snyder Town Hall
Sen. Specter Town Hall Meeting

Townhall Meeting Video Montage

Rep. Carnahan Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Sessions Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Ellison Town Hall Meeting

AARP Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Taylor Town Hall Meeting

Rep. Kagen Town Hall Meeting

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