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Monday, August 31, 2009

Rand Paul Speaks in Nashville - August 30th

This Sunday, I had the exciting privilege of talking with U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul when he came to speak at a fundraiser in Nashville, Tennessee.

What struck me again as I observed Dr. Paul mingle with guests during the reception at Standard Restaurant, was how charismatic and charming Ron Paul's son is.

While discussing grave matters like the skyrocketing national debt and the assault on our Bill of Rights, Rand let plenty of hilarious zingers and one-liners fly.

He's not only passionate about fighting corruption and waste in Washington, he has a great sense of humor about it!

I find myself wondering if this witty, down-to-earth Kentucky physician is the Reagan that Republicans are so desperate to find.

Here are some video highlights from the event, including a campaign update from RandPaul2010 Treasurer Chris Hightower:


  1. "I find myself wondering if this witty, down-to-earth Kentucky physician is the Reagan that Republicans are so desperate to find."

    That's a great observation. With a lot of grassroots conservatives unsure of who the "next Reagan" should be, there might be one right under their nose in Kentucky! This is very exciting!

  2. Reagan did some great things, but conservatives seem to forget that deficits surged and national debt skyrocketed during his eight year presidency. Isn't this exactly what Rand opposes?

  3. Anon, I don't think he meant "Reagan" policy-wise but more in the mind of leadership and the ability to energize conservatives. Reagan, like Bush II ran on a great platform but neither stuck to it.

  4. First anonymous- you are absolutely right!

    ...Second anonymous- you are absolutely right!

    -please excuse my tardy reply.