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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Real Problem With Obama Is Not His Birth Certificate

With Barack Obama's birthday earlier this week, let's take a moment to revisit the claims of the "Birther" Movement afoot in the Republican Party today. It revolves around a conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama's birth certificate from Hawaii is a forgery and that he is not in fact a U.S. citizen, but a citizen of Kenya.

To begin with, it's extremely irritating that the Palin wing of the Republican Party has become so enamored by this Birther movement after it gave the Ron Paul campaign so much abuse for being a hive of conspiracy theorists and 9-11 "Truthers."

It's especially irritating when you note that Ron Paul himself adamantly and unequivocally denied any belief in such theories, calling them "preposterous" and "bizarre" (like here at 35:45 - this is near the end of a Glenn Beck interview. You should watch the whole thing whenever you get a chance).

If you want the truth about 9-11 or Barack Obama's birth, I've got it for you: 9-11 was planned, organized, and executed by Al-Queda at the direction of Osama bin Laden on the premise of a Holy War against America for its strategic alliance with Israel and troop occupation in lands that Muslims consider holy and use for their pilgrimage to Mecca.

Oh yeah, and Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, making him a U.S. citizen. Sorry- that's just the truth. You can even ask my friend, Occam. He'll tell you. These explanations fit the facts best and are the least problematic. Al-Queda orchestrated the World Trade Center attacks and Obama was born in Hawaii. Period.

To see the Republican Party fall prey to the alluring political trump card of Obama's non-citizenship on the premise of so many different, false, and often contradictory claims about his life and birth, is frankly embarrassing when it's not outright irritating because of the Party's disdain for 9-11 "Truthers" and erroneous association of them with Ron Paul.

But there's a deeper issue here, and it's related to the Republican Party's failure to fight the battle in the ideological arena, which is the reason why it is rapidly losing its own soul and identity (in addition to elections everywhere). That issue is the GOP's entire approach to President Barack Obama.

Why shouldn't he be President according to the Palin Republicans? "Because he's not a citizen of this country!" they say, which isn't even true. But if we delve into the world of ideas and challenge Obama's very ideological premises, then we can produce an even better reason why he shouldn't be President (and it helps that this one's true): Barack Obama is not a citizen of reality.

That's right. He shouldn't be President because he's not a citizen of this universe. He doesn't live in a world of cause and effect, where you can't just go spending trillions of dollars that you don't have and expect an economy to recover. Obama doesn't live in reality, where you have to produce something before you can consume it.

He's a citizen of the Big Rock Candy Mountains or something, where "handouts grow on bushes" and "where they hung the jerk that invented work." He lives in a socialist Twilight Zone where bizarre and inexplicable things happen, where you can really have your cake and eat it too. Unfortunately the rest of America lives in the real world and has to suffer for Obama's attempt to live out his contradictions and force us to live them out with him.

My problem with President Obama isn't that he isn't a citizen of the United States. It's that he isn't a citizen of planet Earth.

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  1. If I was on a conspiratorial miondset, I would think the birthers were a plant by the Obama adminsitration to divert attention away from other matters.

    Sadly, however,, knowing a few otherwise sane people who have fallen to the birther madness, that is not the case.

    If the bortehrs spent a tenth as much time reading the health care bill or cap and trade as they do noting a misplaced pixel on Obama's birth certificate, the world would be a happier place.

  2. I agree Messamore, it is highly distracting and discrediting to bring this stupid thing up. It does a great disservive to the liberty cause and empowers Obama....
    Great post

  3. @Anthony Honestly! Every chance we have to talk about health care that we waste talking about Obama's birth certificate brings the possibility of socialized medicine just a tiny bit closer (and the GOP has been wasting a lot of such chances).

    @LeftCoastRebel Thanks!

  4. lets just give Obama the benefit of the doubt and say yes he is a natural born citizen ok so he is just not proud enough to show it that is why he has wasted money that could have been donated to charity's so he could help the economy like he says he wants to do hay what can we say i think maybe him not wanting ti show his BC is the only thing he has done to help with jobs that last loger than 36 hours right because you know all the liars i mean lawyers and judges that he has to pay to keep his BC from coming out in the open as i said what can we say its probably the only way he is helping the from keeping the unemployment from going up more

  5. Here's a thought... Maybe he doesn't want to show his birth certificate because it might list him as Caucasian. His mother was white and at the time of his birth his race would have been the same as him mom's. Or it might be that he can keep the mystery alive and the "Birthers" demanding to see the certificate to make all the repubs look like kooks.

  6. Interesting thought, Heidi. I've actually never heard that before. It might be a little embarrassing if the long form birth certificate list's the baby's race and it happens to be "Caucasian" for Obama. Or it could be something similar, some minor detail that would be a little politically embarrassing, and which Obama wants out of the spotlight. Oh well- just get ready for this all to flare up again in 2012!