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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ronald Reagan's Arguments Against Socialized Medicine

This is really worth the listen:


  1. I believe Michael Moore mocked this Reagan clip in his "documentary" on health care, but the concerns Reagan spoke about are absolutely coming true.

    In Oregon, terminally-ill patients enrolled in the state's health care program are being told "No, we won't pay for your life-saving treatments, but we WILL pay to euthanize you." And earlier today, I read an article how NHS patients with chronic back problems will no longer be able to get treatment unless they the exorbitant prices that were created in large part from the artificial demand for such treatments that a single-payer system creates.

  2. Yeah- this kind of "reform" isn't just bad and ineffective, it's like... really scary stuff.

  3. These government programs make the "evil, unfeeling,selfish insurance companies" look good.

  4. Plus, it's government intervention that perverts the incentives and behavior of insurance companies and allows them to behave as they do with impunity.

  5. my father grew up in a country with socialized medicine and it really doesn't work. Yes, everyone is covered but the quality really isn't that good. The other problem is you get people going "doctor shopping" which only allowed rich people to get decent treatment and in the country he grew up in the only rich people were those who held government positions.