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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

State to mom: Stop baby-sitting neighbors' kids

What really caught my eye about this story is that there are two separate, but very similar incidents that have both recently occurred in the U.S. and the U.K. where the state thinks it can get off telling parents they can't babysit each others children.

In Michigan, a woman has been threatened by the state for babysitting her neighbor's children:

Each day before the school bus comes to pick up the neighborhood's children, Lisa Snyder did a favor for three of her fellow moms, welcoming their children into her home for about an hour before they left for school.

Regulators who oversee child care, however, don't see it as charity. Days after the start of the new school year, Snyder received a letter from the Michigan Department of Human Services warning her that if she continued, she'd be violating a law aimed at the operators of unlicensed day care centers.

In England, two women (who happen to be police officers) were told by the state that they were breaking the law by babysitting each others children without registering with the government. A spokesman for the government said:

"Generally, mothers who look after each other's children are not providing childminding for which registration is required, as exemptions apply to them, for example because the care is for less than two hours or it takes place on less than 14 days in a year.

Where such arrangements are regular and for longer periods, then registration is usually required."

Seriously? The Michigan case has prompted state lawmakers to introduce legislation allowing parents to babysit their neighbors kids without a license from the state. That's right- they're going to pass a law to give Michigan residents permission to babysit each others kids, as if they need permission from the government to do so.

Why not instead, repeal the bad law that makes their perfectly legal, normal, and healthy behavior a crime? Lawmakers are always interested in passing new laws, never repealing old, bad laws. and this is a textbook example. It's even more interesting to see it happen at virtually the same time in two different English-speaking countries.

I think England's Mr. de Havilland had it right this Monday when he decried "the utter derangement of British political culture" by saying of this recent incident with the two policewomen babysitting each others kids:

When two working women who look after each other's children are told they are breaking the law by doing so because they are not registered with the state to do that, the only sane and moral thing to do is to break the law and to urge as many other people as possible to do the same.

I very much agree and like the sound of that! Cases like this provide perfect opportunities for some active, and peaceful civil disobedience. And with the utterly deranged bills that legislators on both sides of the pond have in the works, we may need all the practice in civil disobedience that we can get!

One Small Push For Liberty: Fundraising Quarter About to End

Rand Paul's 3rd Quarter Closing Update:

The Rand Paul campaign is on the verge of a groundbreaking achievement- they are about to raise $1 million in one quarter (outfundraising Dr. Paul's primary opponent, Trey Grayson for the quarter). But Rand needs your help!

The ticker on his website needs to cross $1,112,000 by midnight tonight in order to reach that goal, which means as of 12:30 PM Central we need to raise Rand Paul just $17,000 by midnight.

You think the group that raised him four hundred and thirty thousand dollars on one day last month can handle that? Me too!

Please give even just a little ($10 or $25 makes a huge difference!) right this second. Reporting over a million for the quarter sounds much better and will generate far more press than reporting "almost a million" for the quarter.

Adam Kokesh for Congress

Another Liberty Candidate- Adam Kokesh is having a "mini-money-bomb" today to push past $100,000k for the quarter in his New Mexico congressional district. At just under $90k as of 12:30 PM Central today, he needs roughly the same amount as Dr. Paul to push past his goal.

Please give even just a little to his campaign right now. If you don't know very much about these two gentlemen and why their campaigns merit your contribution, visit their websites and read through their issue pages.

They are true patriots, dedicated to preserving our liberties and rule-of-law. You can bet neither one will ever vote for a corporate bailout bill, so-called stimulus package, cap-and-trade scheme, or government take-over of your health care!

In the meantime, you can count on them to diminish the role, power, and influence of the federal government. Could you ask for a better congressman or senator?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Extreme Liberty

So I went out for some air and sunlight yesterday as I like to do, and ended up producing the video above. I'm amending the birthday giveaway contest to add that if you embed this video in an update on your blog, you get two more entries in the drawing. Just remember to e-mail me with a link to your post.

Here are some previous shenanigans:

What can I say? Libertarians like to have fun (Plus it's always good to know how the U.S. Dollar must feel by traveling downward at a high velocity! Did I already make that joke in the video? Oh well... this is a long parenthetical statement.).

A Libertarian Review / Criticisms of Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story

With the initial, limited release of Michael Moore's newest documentary, Capitalism: A Love Story, I have guest posted an article at Rise of Reason explaining how government intrusion, not free market capitalism, is to blame for the problems Michael Moore correctly denounces.

Here's an excerpt:

Capitalism, as the film’s title suggests, is the culprit and the target of Michael Moore’s misguided polemics. The free market is the problem and more government regulation is the solution. This common line of thought and rhetoric is so tragic not merely because it is mistaken, but because the mistake is predicated on a fundamental misunderstanding of capitalism itself.

Read the full article here (and Digg it here).

For an excellent article that clarifies just what capitalism is and why it is such an enlightened and prosperous political and economic system, read "The Truth About Capitalism."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank You From The Bottom of My Heart!

As many of you already know, this blog turns one year old in less than a week on October 2nd, when in 2008, I put this blog together and published its first post (the About Page).

I've done a lot of things to renew and revamp the blog. To begin with, I have some phenomenal articles in store for you during the month of October!

New Ways to Support THL

Additionally, I have put together several new pages to help THL supporters know how they can make a measurable difference towards making this website the hottest new political blog on the Internet.

Visit the new and improved "Support Page" by clicking here or using the little button with a heart on it at the top of the sidebar.

Attention Webmasters and Bloggers:

Of particular interest to webmasters and bloggers should be two new pages. One offers paid advertising at THL (a quick and affordable way to get traffic to your site).

The other offers paid consulting services to help you improve and market your website, blog, or business with better graphics, more functional design, high quality content, or an entirely new strategy altogether.

Thank You!

Last of all, I just wanted to share the following personal message to all of you- straight from my heart:


Greetings Patriots!

What We Accomplished In One Short Year:

The Humble Libertarian has grown in leaps and bounds since it first started on October 2nd of last year, from a blog that had only two visitors (me and my partner in crime, Ben Bryan) to a blog that has averaged nearly a thousand page views a day (with nearly five hundred unique visitors daily) totaling over twenty-five thousand page views for the month of September 2009.

With your help and support THL has also been instrumental in promoting U.S. Senate Candidate Rand Paul's 2010 bid for Kentucky's open seat. This May, just days after Rand Paul (son of Congressman Ron Paul) announced his exploratory committee, I conceived, and with your help: launched, planned, promoted, executed (successfully!), and publicized the very first Rand Paul money bomb ever, raising Rand Paul twenty-five thousand dollars in a single day- all right here at THL!

It is no mystery then, that this website has gotten the attention of several other movers and shakers in the conservative / libertarian movement, whose words I will let speak for themselves at the end of this letter.

Let's Make Year 2 Even Better!

In the meantime, with THL's birthday in less than a week, I wanted to ask you personally to help me turn a corner and make this website the hottest new thing in politics!

Here are a few things you can do to help. Don't feel overwhelmed, but if you believe in the message and mission of THL, please pick just one or two and run with them!

1. Participate in The Humble Libertarian's birthday giveaway contest. It is easy for anyone to enter (it will take you less than five minutes), it will help me out a ton, and it will give you the opportunity to win some great prizes. Hurry! You only have until Thursday to enter! Please do this one ASAP.

2. Donate to The Humble Libertarian. Your contributions will help me take THL to the next level. There are so many power blogs for "lefties" like The DailyKos and The Huffington Post- we center-right / conservative / libertarians badly need one of our own, and it is my vision and dream to turn THL into just that. At my Donation Page, I explain exactly how THL will turn your contribution into liberty!

3. Make it a weekly habit to share articles you like from The Humble Libertarian with people who you know would find them interesting or challenging.

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By doing just one or two of the items above, you have no idea how much you will be helping me out and advancing the cause of Liberty for ourselves and for future generations!

What other people are saying about THL:

"Thank you for your great blog."
-David J. Theroux
Founder and President
The Independent Institute

"A wide range of libertarian thought, from the left side of the libertarian spectrum to the right. It's on my Favorites bar, for sure!"
-Eric Dondero, fmr. Senior Aide to US Rep. Ron Paul

"Simply Put: The Humble Libertarian is required reading for all those involved in the liberty movement. Uncompromising and consistent in its pursuit of constitutional principles, The Humble Libertarian is a site I proudly frequent. I've yet to miss a post since I first discovered this great blog, and I advise the same for you."
-Daryl at In Defense of the Constitution

"The Ron Paul campaign is long over, but Messamore still promotes its platform."
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-J. P. Arendt, Rise of Reason

"Thank you so much for the wonderful service your blog provides. It's great to see communication in action, meaning you do take the time to read your readers comments and e-mails. You never cease to astound me with the eloquent way you put into words what many of your readers are thinking and feeling about our government."
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"I love the format, clean crisp and eminently readable, no gimmicks, more power to your elbow!"
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"THL is a great place to learn about liberty and what’s going on in the freedom movement today. Wes and the crew can be very proud of how he is building up libertarians everywhere to be better informed, better people."
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"Wes (The Humble Libertarian) is a very intelligent, informed, kind Tennessean blogging away for Liberty. I enjoyed meeting him at the last Tea Party in Nashville. Please review some of his original posts and essays for a true Libertarian or Constitutionally balanced perspective."
-"Fortunate Son" at Tennessee Sons of Liberty

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Thanks so much for all your support over the past year! And thanks in advance for all your help in taking The Humble Libertarian to the next level!

Yours Sincerely,
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General McChrystal on 60 Minutes Interview

By: Ryan Jaroncyk, THL Contributor

Last night, CBS's 60 Minutes aired its highly anticipated interview with our top commander of the Afghanistan War, General Stanley McChrystal.

General McChrystal has been enlisted by the Obama administration to generate a new war strategy at a time when U.S. casualties are spiking, Taliban militants are rapidly gaining the upper hand, and the Afghan government is mired in corruption.

Despite the addition of nearly 21,000 additional troops this year, General McChrystal is calling for more troops, up to 40,000 more according to some reports. General McChrystal is warning that the United States may lose the war within the next 12-18 months if the situation on the ground further deteriorates.

After watching the interview, I thought I'd share a few of my initial thoughts and impressions.

Impressions of the interview

The interview lasted about 15 minutes, which in my view, was shockingly brief considering our nation is bogged down in a deadly war in Afghanistan. 2009 has been the deadliest year in the eight-year war, and casualty counts continue to spike as more of our troops engage foreign combatants.

One would think that such a critical war would merit more attention, especially as our top commander is requesting even more troops and implementing an entirely new strategy. While the interview was extremely respectful of the honorable General, it failed to ask a number of probing questions, questions few seem willing to address as the war ramps up.

Impressions of General McChrystal

The General came off as a very honest, straightforward, and humble man. He is a no-nonsense military leader whose experience in guiding troops in the capture of Saddam Hussein and in the deadly bombing of terrorist mastermind, Abu al-Zarqawi, is of the highest caliber. This is an earnest General who believes the past eight years have proven to be unsuccessful in numerous ways.

General McChrystal's Strategy

Quite simply, he is requesting more troops to implement a novel, counterinsurgency effort that aims to nation build in Afghanistan. Instead of brute, overwhelming force, McChrystal believes reducing civilian casualties, protecting the Afghan citizens, and earning the moral support of the people, even at the risk of placing our own troops at greater risk, should become higher priorities.

Long term, he looks to double the number of Afghan forces to about 400,000, but acknowledges that such a task will take many years. He is adamant that the next twelve months or so are "make or break" for the U.S. effort.

Questions That Should Have Been Asked

Though General McChrystal is not responsible for some aspects of the overall policy, the interview didn't even touch upon several, critical issues:

First, how can we afford to nation build in Afghanistan when we're running a $1.6 trillion budget deficit? Where will we get the money to fund billions more in war operations? Over the past eight years, neither Republicans nor Democrats have been willing to make drastic cuts in other areas of the budget.

Second, how can we afford more troops and an open-ended commitment when we're over $11 trillion in debt? The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have already cost about $1 trillion, far surpassing most analysts' original estimates.

Third, what effect will further escalation have on the value of a depreciating U.S. Dollar? Huge deficits, excessive borrowing, and unlimited money printing have devalued our currency by over 33% in just the last seven years.

Fourth, what effect will increased deployments have on our brave soldiers, when they're already suffering from a PTSD epidemic and record suicide rates? Extended, counterinsurgency warfare is taking a serious psychological toll on our men and women.

Fifth, if we escalate our troop presence, how many are we prepared to lose in the years to come? What is an acceptable figure? What is not?

Sixth, how long will the U.S. have to stay to secure victory? Some in the U.S. military are talking at least ten years. Do we have any idea? Time costs lives and money.

Seventh, how do we specifically define victory? What exactly is success? What are the specific benchmarks along the way?

Eighth, has General McChrystal seriously considered other military alternatives? Esteemed conservative columnist, George Will, recently outlined his vision for a more limited and focused effort in the Washington Post.

Ret. Lieutenant Colonel, Ralph Peters, also offered his plan for a more limited mission in a recent New York Post article. These plans would save hundreds of billions, reduce casualty counts, lower the incidence of PTSD, prevent Al-Qaeda from rebuilding its safe havens, and specifically define success.

A Lack of leadership

I found one particular aspect of the interview quite chilling. General McChrystal stated that he has only personally spoken to President Obama one time in the last seventy or so days. This is mind boggling. While other issues such as the current economic crisis and health care debate are certainly vital, what could be more vital than his duty as Commander in Chief?

Our precious men and women are dying in a war that is nearly out of control, with no real end in sight. Yet, our President is making appearances on the Letterman Show? Delegating one-on-one discussions with General McChrystal to other officials in the administration doesn't seem quite right. This is a dire situation that needs immediate resolution and decisive leadership.


The interview provided some nice insight into one of our premier military commanders, but it didn't ask a lot of tough questions. Someone needs to start asking the tough questions of our President, Congress, and military. Otherwise, we may find ourselves floating in a decades long war that yields thousands dead, tens of thousands maimed for life, untold psychological horror on our troops and their families, trillions of dollars in additional debt, massive inflation, and a more vulnerable national defense.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Revising Top 100 Libertarian Blogs & Websites List

Earlier this year, I put together a wildly popular list of the Top 100 Libertarian Blogs and Websites on the Internet (if you don't believe me, just Google "libertarian websites" and see what turns up at the top of the results).

Well it's time for another revision of the list. Over the past few months, as I've grown better-acquainted with the libertarian movement and its presence on the Internet, I have noticed some pretty glaring oversights on the list.

Additionally, I still get feedback about the list with more websites to consider, both in my inbox and in comments on the list itself and this post announcing a previous revision.

So please take a look at the list, peruse the comments at both of the links above, and feel free to drop some more suggestions in the comment thread of this post so that I can make the list better than ever!

I'm also considering expanding it to include the Top 150 Libertarian Blogs and Websites on the Internet, in which case I'll need more blogs to consider. Feel free to comment on whether or not you think that's a good idea (and why or why not).

Last of all, please don't feel bad if yours doesn't get included or gets bumped from the list as I rearrange. No slight is intended. Use it as motivation to make your blog or website even better. This list is never final or set in stone (as evidenced by this second revision in one year).

I just want to make the list as helpful and comprehensive as possible, and my criteria and methodology are admittedly unscientific.

I'll announce when the revision is finished in a post on this blog. Subscribe or keep checking back to stay updated.

Thanks so much, and while you're here, please check out The Humble Libertarian's birthday giveaway contest. It's really easy to enter and the prizes are awesome!

Do We Work Within The Two Party System?

Okay- discussion point for the week: should American libertarians[1] work within the confines of the two party system and operate through the Republican Party for instance, in order to achieve an ideal government?

Or should we seek out third parties like the Libertarian Party and Constitution Party? Or ought we to stay entirely outside the purview of partisan politics altogether and simply focus on educating people about the principles they have forgotten (or- more likely- have never been taught)?

[1] Note the small "l" - I use this word to denote those who believe in the principles of liberty, whether they style themselves liberals, conservatives, or something else altogether)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Answers to Obama's Health Care Speech Quiz

Feel free to click the image to get a bigger version that you can read.

I got an e-mail with a link to this article (Michelle Malkin covered it too) about a high school teacher whose school didn't show Obama's speech to students, but who just couldn't live without indoctrinating those students' fertile little minds, so he (she?) played a video of Obama's speech to Congress with his health care proposal, and made them take a quiz on it afterward.

Note: this was not for a civics or government class- it was an anatomy class. There's really no reason to play the video and give a graded quiz like this that has nothing to do with anatomy. It's unprofessional, partisan, and petty (and just not fair to the students).

Anyways, the author of the post, Teri- put up a screen shot of the quiz the students were made to take, and I decided I'd have a little fun with it. I was always a bit of a "smart alec" in school (which some teachers found charming and others tried very hard to correct), so this was a fun, nostalgic little exercise in principled self-destruction for the sake of Truth (and laughs).

Interview With RJ Harris

This Sunday, I had the exciting privilege of interviewing a candidate for U.S. Congress, the strict Constitutionalist, RJ Harris. You can listen to that interview in its entirety here.

If you would prefer to read a shorter, abbreviated text version, I have transcribed it for you below:

W. E. Messamore: Mr. Harris, you're on the air! How are you doing tonight, sir?

RJ Harris: Very good, Wes. How are you and your listeners? Hope all is well.

W. E. Messamore: Ah- doing very well. Really- excited to talk to you because- I'm just excited to have a candidate that I'm excited about!

RJ Harris: (chuckle)

W. E. Messamore: Um, before Congressman Paul made his historic presidential bid in '07, so many Americans who feel the way we do as Constitutionalists, felt that there were few really good choices out there we can be excited about, and then after Dr. Paul's run, it seems that all of you are just showing up everywhere, running in all kinds of elections, on a state, local, and national level all over the United States, so I'm excited to hear what you have to say tonight.

RJ Harris: Yeah, we definitely have a movement afoot to retake the Congress and to save this republic by doing so, and it is exciting. I remember prior to Dr. Paul's run for president, I was one of those people out there trying to figure out who to support, who to vote for- and it was very, very "slim pickins."

But now, we need to be excited and motivated because there is a whole field of liberty candidates stepping forward. We need to get out there and look at their websites, vet them, make sure that they are legitimate constitutional conservatives- and when we find out that they are... we need to support them as best we can.

Because I don't know about the rest of them, but I refuse to solicit any type of campaign donations from lobbyists or corporate interests, so add to that the recession we're going through- fundraising is going to be tight, but if we stay on message and are good stewards of the people's donations, we can win.

W. E. Messamore: So what you're saying, Mr. Harris, is if we want our Congressman to read the bills, we need to do some reading up on our candidates themselves?

RJ Harris: That's right. That's exactly right.

W. E. Messamore: Well if you don't mind, I'm going to open the interview with a pretty hard hitting question. Is that cool with you, sir?

RJ Harris: Go ahead.

W. E. Messamore: You're running in a GOP primary against a Republican who's an incumbent, Congressman Tom Cole. What do you say to Republicans who think that that disrupts party unity?

RJ Harris: Well the very premise of the question, no offense, is flawed, because party unity isn't what we should be caring about right now. What we should be caring about is saving this republic and restoring our Constitution.

And I firmly believe that an added benefit to that, especially if the Republican Party were to finally get on board is that we can save the Republican Party in the process.

W. E. Messamore: I see- so having more men with elephants on their lapels in Congress isn't what's going to save the republic, having more constitutional conservatives in office is what's going to do the job?

RJ Harris: That's exactly right, and a Republican would hope that that would just so happen to also be the person with the elephant on their lapel, but that might not necessarily be the case.

W. E. Messamore: Now your opponent in the primary there, Tom Cole, he's got an elephant on his lapel. He's a Republican, but he did vote for the TARP bailout and the stimulus package. How would you have voted? I'm assuming from your words that you would not have voted for the bailout or the stimulus package?

RJ Harris: Oh- I would not have voted for either one. Neither one of them are Constitutional, they both represent a form of what I like to call individual welfare, and individual welfare is not allowed by the Constitution. Article I Section 8 defines the 18 enumerated powers that Congress has and what they're allowed to spend money on, and one of those things is to provide for the general welfare with the caveat / key phrase following it of "of the United States."

That defines what the general welfare to be provided for is. It's for the nation state itself. It's for the operation and function of the government, not for individual people like you, or me, or our states, or companies, and so no where in the Constitution will you find an authorization for an expenditure of federal resources from the treasury on individual welfare, which is exactly what bailout votes and stimulus packages are. So there's no way a constitutional conservative would have ever voted for that.

W. E. Messamore: So you support following the rules- that's radical!

RJ Harris: Yes. (chuckle)

W. E. Messamore: So what specific policy prescriptions would you propose to fix our nation's economic problems, for instance the health insurance industry, the finance industry, and our economy in general?

RJ Harris: Well, the first thing that's got to to happen is we have got to stop getting involved in individual welfare. That right there causes a lot of problems because it spends money unconstitutionally, and it causes unintended consequences for the various markets for which they were spent.

The other thing is- we need to retake the delegated authority given to the Federal Reserve and take it back to the Congress. That authority has improperly been delegated and Dr. Paul has articulated way better than anyone in the last several decades how the Federal Reserve and their unconstitutional currencies they float cause these business cycles. And their cheap money and their artificial inflation of money and credit- that's what's causing a lot of this financial meltdown.

As for the health care industry- remember that health care is an example of individual welfare, so the Federal government doesn't have the authority to provide that. A lot of folks out there want to say "RJ, you're being so heartless- what about people who are indigent and need help?"

Well the different pieces of the Constitution come together to make an answer for a modern problem- and that is under the tenth amendment, we see that any powers not given directly to the Congress under the Constitution are reserved to the people and the states respectively, i.e. equally, and so the states, working with their citizens, can decide whether they want to have free market solutions, or whether they want state-based solutions for health care, but it has nothing to do with the Federal government.

W. E. Messamore: You served in our nation's military- tell me a little more about that.

RJ Harris: I'm a currently serving Army National Guard officer, and I've been in either the national guard or the regular army for 18 years now, pushing 19. Two combat tours in Iraq and one peacekeeping mission in Korea.

W. E. Messamore: What did you learn in your experiences and how would that affect your view of legislation as it relates to military and foreign policy?

RJ Harris: When I became a sergeant, that's when I read the Constitution for the first time because I had to swear an oath to uphold and defend it, so it dawned on me that I should probably read it. And immediately I started seeing all kinds of things that our government was doing that was askance of that document. The government is breaking its own supreme law constantly.

The other thing I learned was that we should not be willing to expend the blood and the valor of our veterans on anything less than the common defense, and unfortunately we see a lot of that going on lately. We have to ask ourselves are we really pursuing the Preamble of the Constitution and providing for the common defense?

We have set a lot of bad precedents and we need to close those doors now and reclaim the ground the Constitution has set us upon and put an end to this stuff.

W. E. Messamore: How do we do that? Things are getting worse in Afghanistan than we ever thought possible? What do we do with Afghanistan? What do we do with Iraq?

RJ Harris: This is why our founders insisted that if there's going to be a war, it needs to be declared by Congress and their names need to be written in the marble of history for what they've done. But they've delegated this power to the president. So now we have these open-ended military endeavors.

How many times do we have to win in a given theater before we say we have achieved what we went there to do? In Afghanistan we went to overthrow the Taliban, to remove that regime and the support they were giving to the terrorists who were living there, to set up a new government- now people are voting, so we're not fighting a war over there now so much as nation building.

We already went over there and did everything you told us to do, and now you're adding more. It's the same in Iraq, we went over there and overthrew the Ba'athist regime of Saddam Hussein, they captured or killed him, his sons, and the major Ba'athist party officers, they established elections and a new government, and yet it's still not enough.

W. E. Messamore: George W. Bush campaigned on a promise of no new nation building. So that's a conservative idea, not just a democrat idea- that nation building is not something we should do. We oppose welfare here, so we should oppose it overseas.

RJ Harris: I refuse to allow any of my opponents to say wanting to bring our troops home is "cutting and running" because I can say as someone who's served in Iraq twice, it's not cutting and running when you've achieved all the goals that were set for you. What they're talking about is simply promulgating an empire that we are not constitutionally allowed to have

W. E. Messamore: I hope people can look at you and see the credentials you have as someone who's served and knows what it means to give and sacrifice for your country and are speaking from experience and wisdom as a constitutional conservative when you say we need to make sure these wars are clearly defined and ended decisively and expeditiously

RJ Harris: I'd like to point out that when the United States declares wars we win them. WWII took what? 6 years? With less technology than we have now. When the US declares wars and the names of the congressman that supported it are written in the marble of history, then America wins the wars it declares and we come home. Unfortunately when we go off on this military adventurism and the Congress delegates its authority to the president for setting the benchmarks, they never end.

Our Fathers new this to be true. They had been victims of it. Their sons had been conscripted throughout colonials times. They new the blood and treasure of their nation was going to be used up for the petty whims of tyrants and that in the end, they would be left with nothing to show for it. So when they wrote the Constitution, they ensured that only the Congress- which is the people, can declare war.

W. E. Messamore: Bringing it back again to the Constitution! Well I was going to end by asking your top two or three priorities as a Congressman, but I can see that in any situation and for any policy issue, it's bringing things back to the purview of the Constitution, which is encouraging to hear. What can we do to support you and help you bring this message and agenda to our nation's capitol?

RJ Harris: The #1 thing I ask you to do is read the Constitution. It's only four pages long. Read it and get angry enough at what the government is doing to you so that you will actually get engaged.

Then go looking for the liberty candidates in your area or near to you, support them, help them out, go to their Facebook page, visit their website, donate to them. We aren't getting money from the special interests, so we need support from the people.

You can find the liberty candidates near you by checking out

W. E. Messamore: By the way, you can donate to candidates anywhere, not just the ones in your area.

Visit: That is Mr. Harris' site. You can make a donation to him there. His district will not cost nearly as much to win as some other districts or states, so your dollar goes a long way to bringing us a Congressman with the principles you just heard.

Thanks so much Mr. Harris. Have a great evening. All the best!

RJ: Thanks so much! I look forward to coming on again. Have a good evening.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Million or Bust!

The Fight is on!

Rand Paul's grassroots "money bomb" fundraiser has already raised over one hundred thousand dollars today to counter Trey Grayson's Washington establishment fundraiser, and it's not even 2:00 here in Middle America!

Perhaps more exciting- he is within striking distance of putting his entire campaign's total above one million. Please visit, and help make $1 million a reality.

It would be excellent if he could announce that on Fox Business Channel with Neil Cavuto in just three hours at 6 pm Eastern.

Courtesy of RandPaulGraphs.

Here is a rousing e-mail sent out by the Rand Paul campaign. It's almost poetic:

Friends in Liberty,

Something big is going on in our country. Something very big. And it's happening right now.

Imagine, if you will, the senators who voted for the 2008 bailout. They pulled off the greatest robbery in history, and were so powerful that not only did they keep their positions; they were able to run off some of the few principled men who stood up against them! Over the protestation of the overwhelming majority of Americans, they transferred the wealth of an already struggling people to failed businesses on behalf of their favorite donors and lobbyists. They ignored the basic foundation of our Constitutional Republic: that each individual has a right to keep the fruits of their labor, and that the protection of liberty and property is the very reason our people once prospered as had no others in the history of the world.

At 12:00 A.M., September 23rd, seventeen of these senators reposed comfortably in their beds. All was proceeding according to their plan. Later today, they will hold a fundraiser in D.C. for a senate candidate they believe they can trust to fall into step with the political machine, and aid the next "bipartisan solutions" to increase their power at the taxpayers' expense. Their lobbyists will be paying $500 a plate to see this outcome through, but the senators don't really need to worry about the exact details. That's what they have aides for. Now, it seems, is the time for rest.

Little did they realize that the forces of liberty do not sleep! They have found new hope: an eye-surgeon from Bowling Green, who unwearyingly champions the Constitution and our founding ideals. In the wee hours of the morning, the people have risen up against theft and corruption in Washington. Since midnight, hundreds of patriots have donated over $50,000 to a man they believe can resist political influences and truly represent them in the United States Senate.

Not content to let the slumbering D.C. elite decide our elections, many ordinary people were up before dawn, donating $10, $20, $50 or whatever they could spare toward the restoration of freedom in our country. The time is right, the goal is clear - will you join them?

Can a true constitutionalist who refuses to play the political game and pander for votes win one of the highest offices in the land? Can We The People out raise the D.C. Establishment? A victory here will show our message can win, and send the fire of liberty sweeping across the land as it did at our nation’s founding. The ideals of individual liberty move inexorably toward a clash with prevalent ideals of central control. Kentucky is in the spotlight, and the nation holds its breath.

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected, once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy."

It is up to us. Who will stand for freedom? The time is now - donate and volunteer today!

In Liberty,
Christopher Hightower
Rand Paul For US Senate

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another Call for Mission Change in Afghanistan

By: Ryan Jaroncyk, THL Contributor

In my recent blog, "Make a choice: contain Al Qaeda or nation build in Afghanistan," I endorsed George Will's proposal for a more limited and focused mission.

Now, U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Ralph Peters, has issued a similar proposal in the New York Post. Like Will, Peters advocates a more narrowly defined mission, one that specifically targets Al-Qaeda and any unabashed cohorts, instead of expending endless amounts of blood and treasure on rebuilding a corrupt nation-state.

If adopted, such an approach would likely save hundreds of billions of dollars, decrease the casualty count by thousands, lower suicide rates and PTSD in the military, prevent a resurgence of Al-Qaeda safe havens, and inspire the Afghanis to fight for their own future.

Most conservatives, however, appear to be quite reluctant to adopt this type of approach. Much like Iraq, they are far more willing, at this time, to sign off on thousands more troops. Their rationale? It worked in Iraq, so it will work in Afghanistan. But, perhaps their premise is flawed.

If they define "victory" as having 131,000 troops stationed in a third-world country, six years after the initial invasion, that still cannot govern or protect itself without a vast American presence and monetary commitment, then perhaps they're justified in their logic.

But, for many people, this is not victory at all. In addition, this view point completely neglects the vast differences between the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters, as articulated by Cato foreign policy analyst, Malou Innocent in a recent Huffington Post article.

Also ignored by most conservatives is a cost-estimate, time table, or casualty estimate in any further troop escalations. No talk about the trillion dollar budget deficits, skyrocketing national debt, or falling Dollar. And nothing about escalating PTSD and suicide rates due to repeated, extended deployments. It's as if these realities don't even exist.

On the other side of the fence, not too many "liberal" commentators or analysts are offering viable, alternative plans to the current strategy. President Obama appears a bit resistant to yet another troop increase at this time, which is completely understandable, yet in the meantime, we have 68,000 troops floating in a raging war theater with no clear mission, no clear benchmarks, no clear definition of success, and no clear exit strategy.

They could not be in a worse situation. And for the last three months, military deaths have spiked to record levels in Afghanistan. Obama, if he is truly resistant to further troop escalations, needs to make up his mind about a new strategy, and he needs to make up his mind very, very soon, not in a few months. Our brave men and women deserve immediate resolution, nothing less.

Finally, as the debate over the war in Afghanistan ramps up, the 2010 liberty candidates possess a great opportunity to offer their own proposals, solutions, and alternatives. The American people are waiting for an articulate, specific alternative to the current strategy. They're begging for a different way.

Most conservatives are offering nothing new, and most "liberals" are paralyzed. Now is the time for these candidates to step up to the plate and fill the void.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Humble Libertarian's Birthday Giveaway

How exciting! The Humble Libertarian's first birthday is coming up this October 2nd. That's right, this blog turns 1 in less than two weeks!

It is unbelievable to consider how far we've come in such a short time and positively energizing to dream big for this libertarian website's future. To celebrate, I'm giving away some really awesome prizes:

3rd Place - A copy of "The Revolution: A Manifesto" by Congressman Ron Paul ('s "Most Loved" Book of 2008):

2nd Place - A free 1 year NRA Membership, which includes:
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- Invitations to "Friends of NRA" dinners, other special events and more...

GRAND PRIZE - An autographed copy of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, by none other than U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul. I got this pocket Constitution and Declaration of Independence signed by Dr. Rand Paul during a private reception when he came to speak in Nashville last month, and I am giving it away for The Humble Libertarian's birthday!

How To Enter The Birthday Giveaway

The deadline for entry is at the end of the day on Thursday, October 1st. I will be doing a drawing for the prizes. There are a number of ways to enter:
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  • I reserve the right to amend the terms of the contest as necessary. I'm sure that won't happen, but it never hurts to say so in writing just in case.

So what are you waiting for? Start racking up those entries with tweets, e-mails, subscriptions, blogs, badges, and/or a purchase of your favorite item from our Libertarian Merchandise page!

General Stanley McChrystal Calls For More Troops in Afghanistan

By: Ryan Jaroncyk, THL Contributor

Make a choice: contain Al Qaeda or nation-build in Afghanistan.

General Stanley McChrystal, top commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan has called for more troops in Afghanistan, saying: "Failure to gain the initiative and reverse insurgent momentum in the near-term (next 12 months) -- while Afghan security capacity matures -- risks an outcome where defeating the insurgency is no longer possible." Afghan President, Hamid Karzai supports the general's recommendation.

But General McChrystal also said earlier this month that there is no evidence to suggest a major Al-Qaeda presence in the war torn country. In light of McChrystal's assessment, columnist George Will writes in a recent Washington Post op-ed: "If U.S. forces are there to prevent reestablishment of Al-Qaeda bases -- evidently there are none now -- must there be nation-building invasions of Somalia, Yemen and other sovereignty vacuums?"

If Al-Qaeda's presence has been virtually eliminated from Afghanistan, America's people and policy makers are faced with a clear choice. If hunting and containing Al-Qaeda is the chief objective, then George Will offers a practical solution worth serious consideration. He writes: "instead, forces should be substantially reduced to serve a comprehensively revised policy: America should do only what can be done from offshore, using intelligence, drones, cruise missiles, airstrikes and small, potent Special Forces units, concentrating on the porous 1,500-mile border with Pakistan..."

This is a sensible, strong, and fiscally responsible strategy. Casualty counts would drop, billions of dollars would be saved, civilian collateral damage would decrease, so many thousands of our troops would be able to return home to their families, and Al-Qaeda would be kept in check by a vigilant United States.

However, if the chief objective is to nation build in Afghanistan, then President Obama and Congress, should have the gumption to admit that this is really the primary objective. And if this is the primary objective, then these nation building advocates should own up to this policy, send 250,000 or so troops to Afghanistan from at home and around the world, and unleash total, absolute, and merciless devastation on the Taliban and Al-Qaeda remnants.

They must also square with the American people, propose a gargantuan budget, pass a war "stimulus" bill, or set aside up to $1 trillion for the effort. And they should be open and honest about the fact that we'll likely lose thousands more soldiers, with tens of thousands more maimed for life. But that, in their view, it would be worth it to keep America safe. There's no other way around it.

Bush's and Obama's half-measures have proven to be complete failures. Pussyfooting around is absolutely unforgivable to our men and women in harm's way. If these tough talking policy leaders, talking heads, and TV pundits believe it is in the best interest of the United States to nation build in Afghanistan for years to come, then they need to quit endorsing half-measures and do whatever it takes, regardless of cost or casualty counts, to "win" this war.

If these same people are willing to spend trillions to rescue Wall St. and to "save" America from another Great Depression, then they had better be willing to do the same for our men and women in harm's way. Period. It's an either-or decision. As for me, I think George Will's strategy is the far wiser choice.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Live Interview With RJ Harris Sunday at 7 CT!

RJ Harris is an Army veteran with two deployments to Iraq who is now ready to serve his country here on the home front.

He has boldly challenged the establishment incumbent and career politician Tom Cole, for the U.S. Congress seat representing the Fourth District of Oklahoma.

(More on RJ Harris here)

Tomorrow (Sunday, Sept. 20th) I will have the exciting privilege of interviewing Mr. Harris live at 7:00 pm Central Time (8 EST / 6 MTN).

The interview will stream live over the Internet via Blog Talk Radio, and you can listen to the show here or just visit here again at The Humble Libertarian where I will have a widget ready to play the show live for you.

Sorry, I will not be taking calls for the show, but if this works out well and I decide to do some live shows more frequently, I would love to take callers in the future to discuss politics and current events.

You are encouraged however, to discuss and respond via Twitter using The Humble Libertarian's hashtag: #THL

If you are free tomorrow for just thirty minutes between 7 and 7:30 Central, please take this opportunity to get better acquainted with a candidate we can count on to diminish the role, size, and influence of the United States government.

See you there!

How Can We Start A Conversation?

Here's our discussion point for the week: how can we start a real conversation about liberty?

We have two sides yelling at each other rather than talking to and with each other, it would seem. Partisan politics seem angrier and more polarized than ever.

Worse, both "sides" seem to live in entirely different realities altogether. If you're on one "side," two million people descended on Washington just one week ago, and if you're on the other you barely noticed when "the 60,000" people showed up in D.C. -an insignificant blip on the radar.

We live in such different realities because we don't trust each other. We don't trust each other because we suspect the motives on the other side. If the liberty faction in this country wants to make a difference it is going to have to address and refute the notion that we are angry birthers, racist rednecks, and paranoid survivalists.

Let's have a brainstorming session right here, right now on this comment thread. What can we do to foster trust, open the lines of communication, and get people on both sides of the aisle to really consider what we have to say?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Constitution Day & 21st Century America

Portrait of James Madison

Yesterday was Constitution Day, the anniversary of the day the U.S. Constitution was completed by a convention in Philadelphia in 1787. It came and went without notice from the media or punditry. I'm fairly sure that most Americans were completely unaware of it.

In a 2000 statement archived by the House of Representatives, Congressman Ron Paul (R) of Texas wrote:

"At the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, a Mrs. Powel anxiously awaited the results, and as Benjamin Franklin emerged from the long task now finished, asked him directly: 'Well Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?' 'A republic if you can keep it' responded Franklin."

Have We The People ( our Founding Document famously begins) kept our republic? Sadly, no! Instead we have handed to our government more unchecked powers and privileges than any English monarch would have dreamed to impose upon his colonies.

Compared to the tyranny we 21st century Americans endure daily, our Founding Fathers' grievances seem trifling and petty. And yet how much they did and how dearly they paid to redress those grievances and establish a free republic! Am I calling the 18th century revolutionaries petty? Heaven forbid!

I am rather calling them principled and passionate, and I am doing so to shame and exhort you to their depth of faith and commitment, because if we contemporary Americans had one tenth their mettle and fortitude, we would not presently find our government in such a desperate state of disrepair!

Again I say a mere tithe of their spirit would fully suffice to mend matters, because we have suffered tens times over and more the abuses that the revolutionary generation endured under the English Monarchy. We also have advantages of wealth, technology, and communication unheard of in their day.

And no, you will not hear out of me any trite admonitions to make their sacrifice worthwhile by maintaining the republic they founded. Do it for yourself! Seize your freedom here and now because you matter, because you are a human being and not chattel for the government!

Do it for the living! Advocate here and now for the people who are living here and now, who are victimized and abused by the government here and now, a government that claims to act in your name and for your best interests.

I ask you a day after the anniversary of this republic's formation, will you live in a republic or in a corrupt, many-headed monster of an oligarchy that would bring a fit of nausea to the very stomach of King George III himself?

If you will live in a republic, then I say keep your head up: stay engaged, stay active, and stay focused. The 912 rally in Washington was a very encouraging development. I hope each and every one of those patriots returns home and attends meetings of their county party and local chapters of organizations that fight for liberty.

Liberty and republican government are never completely won or permanently safe. They must be fought for and carefully guarded by vigilant patriots in each new generation. May history smile on ours as the one that honored Dr. Franklin's exhortation to keep our republic.

912 Project "Definitely A Grassroots Movement"

Guest Post By: Dave Cruikshank

I searched out a group to go with, mainly because I definitely did not want to drive, and I wanted to be with like minded individuals. To date all of my discussions of politics have mainly been online or with my wife. Many people just don't want to talk politics, are uniformed, or have steadfast liberal views like many of my family. My mother-in-law whom we live with gets upset when I talk politics or watch Glenn Beck, O'Reilly, or listen to talk radio. When I said I was going to DC she asked "Why did I feel a need to dig up dirt?" She is from the generation that you respect the President no matter who is in or what they do.

I found 2 groups by searching for "912 project" and eventually I ended up joining the Schuylkill County Conservatives and the Berks County Tea Party. Both are in East-Central PA. I grew up in Schuylkill County and had originally planned on going with them. I actually knew 2 members from High School. But their bus was full, so I went with plan B. This worked out because it allowed me to meet with like minded individuals much closer to home, and the bus was loading only 5 blocks from my house.

A Grassroots Movement

This is definitely a grassroots movement. No one provided me with a T-shirt, ready made signs, or free transportation. I paid $40 to go. That got me a seat on the bus, a Metro-Pass for the light rail / subway into DC, and a bagged lunch. We met at 5:30 am. It was raining and in the high 50's temp wise. Not conducive to going on a joy ride on a Saturday. You had to believe in what you were doing. In my situation it took a little more. I am on disability. My wife and I had our own small business for 15 years and we had to close due to my health.

I had three back surgeries and one neck surgery. Both my back and neck are fused together with plates and screws. We had to close because I could no longer go on due to the pain. The night before the trip I had absolutely no sleep. My pain was up because of the weather and also a bit of anxiety for the rally. The trip down took about 2.5 hours on the bus. Spending more than half an hour in a vehicle is painful for me, two-and-a-half was real painful. My wife tried to talk me out of it, but I had to go.

I can't be this concerned for the direction of our country and sit out an opportunity like this. The biggest reason for ME was I've always be an entrepreneur. I've started several small businesses and always worked for small businesses. I'm a capitalist at heart, and I will make no apologies for it. There is nowhere like the USA where anyone can start a small business, work hard at it, and really make something of themselves.

Not A "Mob"

But back to the trip. Even at the hour of 5:30 this was a lively and excited group. Everyone introduced themselves to those around them and there was non-stop conversation the whole time. 90% of these people had never met before. But they all seemed to have one main reason to be there this day. They were concerned about the direction their country was going. They were very concerned about the amount of spending, and they blamed both parties. I heard it mentioned several times that they hoped the Libertarian Party had a presence in DC and would use this day to recruit new members.

Many felt the time was ripe for a strong third party. This was not an Anti-Obama, Anti-Democrat rally. They felt that government had forgotten who put it there, and who it exists to serve. The ride down was dark and rainy all the way until we got to the DC area of MD. The weather for the Rally was perfect- overcast and mid 70's with a good breeze. We parked our bus at New Carrolton MD. From there we took the Metro into DC. You could really feel like something special was building even at this outlying Metro station.

There were several hundred others there, just like us. And let me take this time to report it was not a group of angry white men. There were many women, young adults, veterans, etc. While I will admit the majority were white there were also plenty of African Americans, Asians, & Latinos there. There were students, teachers, nurses, doctors, tradesman, carpenters, people from all occupations. And yes several photographers, myself included. There were people with walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and oxygen. No ailment kept people away.

The March

It took us about 25 minutes or so to ride into town on the metro. When we came up from the subways it was like a movie, there were just throngs of people, most carrying signs and banners. While there were many thousands of people all crowded in one area there was no fear of looting, overturned cars, or other violence that you would see at a WTO or War Protest Rally. I felt excited and safe. I personally saw very little police presence. They had to be there, but there were no long lines of police in riot gear.

The march down PA Avenue was supposed to start I think at 11:30 but it started almost 1 hour early because the crowds were becoming too large at the gathering area. They started the parade to make room for the thousands more still streaming in from all directions. We marched and chanted things like "USA, USA" and "No More Bills," "Read the Bill," "Stop Spending Now," and many more I can't recall. There were many, many creative signs. Most were humorous, I saw few that were in poor taste.

I personally saw no Obama as a Nazi signs. I did see several enlarged pictures of Nancy Pelosi calling those that oppose Healthcare Nazis. There was a poster / sign being passed out that I thought was in poor taste. It said "Bury Healthcare with Kennedy." During the parade I looked around in awe of the many large granite government buildings. It made me proud of our Capitol and made it even more important to get our country back on track.

The Stage

We were lucky, we arrived on PA Avenue about 10am and were able to get on the lawn of the Capitol building. Many more were left to fill in way down PA Avenue and eventually the Mall. I heard it said they wanted as many as possible on the Capitol grounds because they didn't want us on the Mall for some reason. There were many motivational speakers but here is an area where the organizers dropped the ball in my opinion.

There was a central stage, that we were off to the far left at least 100 yards. There were no other screens that I was aware of, and only one set of main speakers off the stage. Therefore it was hard to hear the speakers and impossible for me, and many others to see them. I listened as well as I could. I heard no ugly rants about the President or Congress. I heard people both on the stage and in the crowds who want their country to get back to the Constitution. That was the main theme from almost all who were there. They want a smaller government, not a bigger government.

They don't want bailouts, handouts, stimulus, or cash for anything. They fear the massive debt this country is going into and can't fathom how we are going to get out of it. They fear so much of our debt being held by the Chinese. Many feel we are sliding swiftly towards Socialism. If there was one villain for the group it was ACORN and the Czars. There was a lot of Disdain for ACORN and the millions in tax dollars they get.

The Future

The majority of the crowd wanted the people in power now, both in the White House and Congress to listen to us. They don't feel they are being listened to, and that the government represents them. They feel that special interests have all the power. Over and over they kept chanting "Can you hear us now?" And there is a feeling that they want to clean house in 2010. Not vote in a boatload of Republicans, but clean house on both sides of the aisle of those that aren't listening. If this was the Fall of 2010 there would be some worried politicians. I hope the drive of this movement doesn't die down by then.

The people were all the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. They were all passionate about their beliefs but there was no anger, just passion. There were also people from all over the country, literally every state. And when asked why they were there, they said "I had to be here, I had to make my voice heard, I wanted to be counted." We were dismayed at the lack of Network Satellite trucks. If this had been an anti-war march, or had it been a year earlier and we were protesting President Bush for anything, there would have been wall to wall coverage. We saw one Sat Truck we assumed to be Fox though it may have been C-SPAN, and one helicopter. We meant nothing to the media.

The feeling on the way back was very positive. Many were psyched by the report of 1.5 million attendees. This was reported from the main stage several times. But we were also psyched by how many of us did show. We thought we sent a loud and clear message. But we were reminded by the leader of our group, a Mr. John Stahl that this was just the beginning. That this was going to be a long slow battle to win our country back. He was the former head of the Berks County RNC. He and others talked about how the big conservative win of '94 was blown when the Republicans got in power and became greedy, seedy politicians and not representatives of the people.

All in all it was an over 17 hour round trip for us. And yes I would and will do it again. Keep up the good fight!

-Dave Cruikshank

Thursday, September 17, 2009

912 Rally Merchandise, T-shirts

Presenting the newest addition to The Humble Libertarian's line of conservative, libertarian merchandise- "Can you hear us now?"

Get yours today and commemorate an event unparalleled in U.S. history- over a million patriots (and yes it was over a million!) converging on Washington D.C. to demand less government, less spending, and more freedom!

The Washington establishment can't ignore us now.

Missile Defense Shield in Poland

By: Ryan Jaroncyk
, THL Contributor

As the U.S. cuts back on its own national missile defense, the Obama Administration has decided to install a U.S. led, global missile defense shield in Central & Eastern Europe- but a different one than that proposed by George W. Bush in 2007.

Proponents of the missile shield claim that the missile defense system will shield U.S. forces, as well as its European allies, from potential attack by Iran, terrorists, or even an increasingly bellicose Russia.

Many proponents feel Obama's new plan doesn't do enough, even claiming that he has "scrapped missile defense" in Europe, which is untrue- he has scrapped Bush's missile defense proposal, and replaced it with a different plan that focuses on Iran's present short and medium range capabilities.

Let's consider the following issues.

First, the U.S. is running a $1.6 trillion budget deficit. How can we afford to build, install, and fund a missile defense project in Europe?

Second, Germany and France have technically moved out of recession with recent, positive GDP growth. Why can't these E.U. giants fund the project?

Third, Poland is running a massive budget deficit of its own. Why would we reward financial irresponsibility with more assistance? Shouldn't Poland get its own financial house in order so that it can defend itself?

Fourth, Poland signed up for a $21 billion credit line from the IMF during the economic crisis. Can't it utilize some of these funds to build its own missile defense?

Fifth, installation of a U.S. missile shield in Eastern Europe will surely ratchet up tensions with Russia. Russia will certainly counter with provocations of its own. If the plan is implemented, expect Russia to offer more nuclear technology to Iran, strengthen relations with Cuba & Venezuela, and conduct more naval exercises in our neck of the woods.

Sixth, why are we building up Europe's missile defenses when we are reducing the size and scope of our own? Shouldn't defending American soil from potential rogue, ballistic missile attacks be a higher priority for the American government?

Seventh, we have a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) epidemic in the U.S. military due to ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Why not devote the money to providing better medical and psychiatric care to our veterans instead of paying to subsidize Poland?

Perhaps it is time for America to quit extending welfare payments to Europe. We've got enough problems of our own to address, and Europe is perfectly capable of footing the bill to defend itself.

What do you think?

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