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Saturday, September 12, 2009

912 DC March A Huge Success - Tea Party Rally in Washington Draws 2 Million!

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912 March A Success!

This is a proud day for the grassroots liberty movement!

At 12:34 PM Eastern, Michelle Malkin updated that ABC News reports 2 million patriots in attendance at the march in Washington! 2 million! I can just smell the fear on these Washington establishment types.

I would also be very curious to know how much trash was left behind, so I can compare with the 130 tons of trash left behind by attendees of Obama's inauguration.

Why We Fight

Liberty is brewing in America, and it is more important now than ever before to make sure that this does not fizzle out or get hijacked and watered down by the corporate lobbying interests in the back pocket of much of the Republican party.

We must remember that the goal is not to get more people with elephants on their lapels in office. We had years of that during the Bush Administration, and government kept getting bigger and more intrusive. We need true libertarians- that is people who believe in Life, Liberty, and Property- to govern our nation.

A key article to read in this regard is "The American Tea Party 2009: Goals, Objectives, and Principles." In it, I lay out the principles that I believe we should be fighting for if the fight is to be a worthy one, and the proper objectives and tactics to make the fight an effective one.

Real Time Citizen Media Updates on the 912 March

If you want to keep your finger to the pulse of what people are saying and doing about the 912 Tea Party rally in Washington D.C. -here are some:

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  1. If this is a grass root movement, Where are the blacks and hispanics and chinese, Indians and others? All I see is very angry white people who idolize Rush Limbaugh. Your movement has shown the worst that America can offer. Our president is not a communist, socialist or any other ist. All he's trying to do is fix the horrific mess left by Bush and the republicans. Get a life. You have no credibility with the rest of America.

  2. Are you out of your mind? These Tea Party participants aren't libertarians. They are "Republicans," a party that is so authoritarian that it is almost the polar opposite of libertarianism. But then, there are a lot of radical Republicans posing as libertarians as a part of their propaganda and misinformation campaign. These "tea baggers" are being duped by the same psychological manipulators that convinced the ignorant masses that the Bush administration was dedicated to making life better for them. Even now, when we came to the brink of economic and political chaos, these fools are still beating that drum. Well, many of them have more time to do so now that they are unemployed. They can afford to go to Washington and shout like schoolyard bullies because the new Democratic administration really did come to their aid.

  3. First Anonymous- Thanks for offering your opinion on this- it's important in these polarized times to keep the lines of dialogue open!

    Actually- I don't have any facts or figures on the racial breakdown of the protesters- but do you? Are you sure that it's all angry white people?

    I, myself (the owner, editor, and chief author of this blog) happen to be an Asian-American, very young (22), and not a fan of Mr. Limbaugh.

    And guess what? I totally agree with you that Bush and the Republican Congress left a HUGE mess that needs to be cleaned up!

    My problem with President Obama is that he is more or less continuing and even expanding the overall agenda of the previous administration, not cleaning up its mess.

    I think the ability to objectively criticize both sides lends me enormous credibility. On the other hand, I doubt the sincerity of anyone who defends the policies of either Bush or Obama while criticizing the other.

  4. Second Anonymous- I definitely share your concerns, and even echo them with my admonitions in the article above to steer clear of establishment "leadership" and corporate lobbying interests.

    As with most political movements I would agree that there are multiple factions in the tea party movement with different and in some places, conflicting interests.

    That's one reason I wrote and linked to the article outlining goals, objectives, and principles for the tea party movement- to focus it and maintain its ideological integrity as a movement committed to genuine liberty.

    On the whole, I do think the movement is an earnest cry for less government at a time when the government is more bloated than ever and drunk on unchecked executive powers that it has assumed under the previous and current administrations.

  5. I am of Melungeon decent, probably one of the few remaining in the world! My mother and father of the old family, I married an Italian and moved out of the hills. I am white skinned, yet colored! How can one look at the skin of a person and know what is in their soul? I am angry at these elitist politicians in Washington who have turned their back on us, thinking they know better than we do, and that they do not answer to us! That is how my ancestors ended up being persecuted for years! Obama should know better, but he has fallen in with the very order that seeks to enslave the citizens. I SALUTE the patriots standing up for the citizens of this nation!

  6. You make an excellent point- the race of these protesters is no indicator of the sincerity or lack thereof in their hearts.

    I think the movement is clearly a grassroots one because it has no centralized organization, so many are acting on their own initiative and on a local level, and because of the sheer numbers involved!

    A lot of Americans very clearly feel that the direction we are headed is wrong. If only we could get on the same page with the people who felt the same way during the eight years of Bush- maybe then real change would come to Washington.

  7. It's great to see how the Republicans finally mobilized their base. It is great to show the world how many redneck racist there are in the United States. They use Socialist instead of N****r because they could not find a way to show their dismay over losing the election.
    Bush to this date has cost us Tens of thousands of young American Lives over a made of war with no protest from the likes of these fools. The call themselves patriots well I call the Souther red neck Republicans who can't come to grips with a Black President saving America. So you say no to health care for even the whites who are poor. you say no to hard working families who were scammed out of their houses due to bad mortgage practices, You say no to fixing the predetory credit card companies, and say no to bringing this country from the brink of disaster that President Bush left us in. Well I am Glad you all can come together and drink some tea to the Confederacy in the name of Patriotism on the White House steps. Only in America!!!!

  8. the tea party or the new KKK .they talk about fair and balance,,,,well fox news,, it's fair if your white,,but not if your black, hispanic,or any other color,,,i guess only white are real american????? yes the kkk has changed it's look, but it's them.
    , Michelle Malkin has any one told you ,your not white,,, have you stock your face up those kkk ass so long that your brown/black face is no longer white.michelle , do you know what a coconut is???? yes brown on the outside and white on the inside.. remenber what RUSH said,,i hpoe obama fails,,,but wants america to succede,,,,what he's realy saying is he wants white america to succede,,,,,,,well thats all,,,,,,,,,,sam

  9. Teabaggers. What a joke.

    Instead of reading about lame, mass meadia featured astroturf protests, do you know what would get us meaningful campaign and financial reform? Know what would finally get bankers away from our currency and levers of power?

    Execute some bankers and politicians for treason the old fashion way, in a riot where we hang them from trees by the dozen and light them on fire.

    I bet they pass a law making lobbying politicians illegal as fast as they bailed out Goldman Sachs if we cooked a few of them alive.

    Sound like a plan?

  10. ok messamore you are asian american. This does not give you a side line view and a better veiw than any of us. You have assimulated youself to the American anglo-saxon way of life because that all you know and you may feel it's the better life. For the strugglers of this country who have to survive a man made recession, 8 years of government oppression, 8 years of watching thieves rob us by hiking energy cost and while being partners in hallibuton with no outcry is insane. You are not smarter that us who live the strife of no jobs and watch companies get golden parachutes.
    You may like "Golden Showers" but most of us don't. Your race does not give you insight to our struggle your experience does. So what the hell can you bring to this table at the ripe old age off 22.

  11. hahah their true colors are finally shown..KKK in the house ..all 2 million can go to their own island and have a larger than life copay on their insurance as they sip on tea and watch their investments grow...

  12. Where were all these idiots when GW Bush was driving this country off a cliff? Where were they when GW Bush maxed out this country’s credit cards? Where were they when it was PROVED that the Iraq war was based on lies and misinformation? Where were they when GW Bush did nothing to stop the economy’s slide into the red? Where were they when GW did NOTHING for education, healthcare reform , and trashed the US constitution? Where were they the last 8 years? Their protest not only ring hollow, but are totally hypocritical.
    They should have their heads examined.


  13. "Execute some bankers and politicians for treason the old fashion way, in a riot where we hang them from trees by the dozen and light them on fire."

    I'm as angry as you about corporate interests ruling this nation's agenda and hurting hard working Americans.

    I think ending rule of law and procedural due process might just do more damage than good to your cause though.

    "ok messamore you are asian american..."

    I'm not saying it gives me a special insight into anything. The original commenter said we were all angry white people, so I was merely supplying a counter example.

    As for all the abuses you list- I AGREE WITH YOU! You're absolutely right. Give me some credit. I even said so in the article above- I said that this movement will be a waste if we let it get derailed by the politics of the last eight years.

    What more should I say? As for your implication that I have nothing valuable to bring to the debate because of my age- that is an ad hominem fallacy. My age has nothing to do with the validity of my statements.

  14. Who the hell is this lady of Melungeon decent.
    I researched your so-called Ancestary European mixed with sub-sahara African or Indian? You married an Itailian and you think this makes you colored. So where in you ancestary A African woman was raped or a Indian was raped and then came you? Bush and his crew were not elitist? They robbed us! Came into our houses reached into our pockets and took Gas money, luch money, vacation money, entertainment money and our self respect and dignity. If you had a ounce of African or Indian in your blood your soul would tell you that you are misquided.

  15. My response to one of the anonymous commenters (I can't keep up with all of you, sorry!)

  16. I'm not angry at all. I'm being pragmatic. It's time to scare some of them by whatever means necessary for the better good of the rest of us. Nothing else seems to work.

    Unless you have a better idea. I'm all ears.

  17. amazing, billions spend on wars outside the US no protest from these guys. And now billions will be spend on americans inside the US and they come out protesting. funny people americans.

  18. "Where were all these idiots when GW Bush was driving this country off a cliff?"


  19. "I think ending rule of law and procedural due process might just do more damage than good to your cause though."

    I've got your "due process" right here:

    Go read the preamble to the Declaration of Independence, and stop being an intellectual pawn for rich people, numbnuts.

  20. "amazing, billions spend on wars outside the US no protest from these guys."

    Again- I AGREE WITH YOU! We're in agreement here. Please try to have a dialogue and understand what I'm saying and you may find we're not so different :)

    Visit the following links. All are articles on this blog that criticize US war policy and call for a severe reduction of US military spending and overseas intervention.

  21. The "Tea Party Express" could be the most poorly titled political movement in history. I see clip after clip of people from this movement on TV saying "no more high taxes!" or "stop the reckless spending!" The Boston Tea Party had very little to do with taxes being to high. The Tea Act of 1773 REPEALED a 25% tax on the East India Company which made it possible for them to undercut the price of colonial tea merchants that weren't comissioned to sell East India Co. tea. The colonial merchants were faced with financial ruin because the East India tea WAS SO CHEAP DUE TO THE HUGE TAX BREAK!!!!! The colonists were concerned that this created a British legislated tea monopoly for the East India Co. and could spread to other trade goods.

    It saddens me that there is never any mention of this glaring historical contextual error in all of the hours and hours of coverage this Tea Party Express gets. The profound lack of education and understanding of this counties history is truly staggering. I am no fan of high taxes, but to the few folks out there who actually remember a thing or two about american history, this movement looks like an uneducated rant of baffoonery and makes us question anything the people in the movement say.

    They should have checked their history books!!


  22. But isn't that exactly the point, Eric? They would rather drink more expensive, smuggled Dutch tea than pay a tax on cheaper British tea because they were so principled in their stand against taxation without representation.

    Here we are facing far worse than the colonists could have ever imagined, a violation of our principles of liberty as well as very real and substantial damage to our livelihoods by the actions of our government and its corporate lobbying interests.

    I think the movement is very aptly named, because like our forebears, we have had enough of executive and legislative tyranny. We are tired of a distant government in a faraway city dictating to us the terms of our lives and interactions.

  23. ABC News reported that no more than 70,000 showed up in DC. Sorry to bust your bubble.

  24. Close but no cigar, 70k <<<<< 2 Million.

    Some appropriate quotes from Jefferson.

    What is it men cannot be made to believe!

    -Thomas Jefferson to Richard Henry Lee, April 22, 1786.

    Man once surrendering his reason, has no remaining guard against absurdities the most monstrous, and like a ship without rudder, is the sport of every wind.

    -Thomas Jefferson to James Smith, 1822.

  25. You know- I checked Malkin's website and she provides no link. I have also been searching ABC News' website and have also not found that figure.

    Standby- I've e-mailed Michelle Malkin and asked her to provide a link to either the 2 million report or the 1.2 million police figure she lists.

    Thanks for pointing this out. If it's wrong, I will be happy to publish a retraction.

  26. "Again- I AGREE WITH YOU! We're in agreement here. Please try to have a dialogue and understand what I'm saying and you may find we're not so different :)"

    imho opinion health care for everyone (provided by the government) should not be that costly as it is now. I think it should be a moral debat about making money off sick people. Dont get me wrong i am not talking about underpayed nurses, doctors, surgeons, etc. Im talking about large pharmaceutical companies and equipment manufacturers skimming off billions of tax payers money. The argument that they need that money to develop new drugs and equipments is in my opinion one that has no ground. The reaserches at those companies dont make that much money, they are content with a good lab full of equipment. Their drive isnt money.

    So in health care we the public would be best served if it would all be controled by ourself (through a governing body). Some more areas would be best controled by a governing body. It still would leave plenty of areas to be uncontroled and unregulated by a governing body.

    And yes I do think we are not that different as it sometime looks.

  27. So if I give you credit card with a $5K balance, and you run it up to $250K.... how is that my fault?

  28. I will write more later. I've been on the road and part of the protest for more than 17 hours. I was there today. I don't know the actual figures, but there were a lot of people there. It was the biggest crowd I have ever been part of. We were packed shoulder to shoulder on the capital lawn, and then stretched down Pennsylvania Avenue almost to the Washington Monument.I can tell you as an eyewitness, this was not all Angry white men. There were people of all race and colors represented. There were as many women, if not more women there than men. And ages ranged from the youngest voters 18-20's to very senior citizens well into their 80's. I met people there today from almost every state in the union. Finally this was a grass roots event. Everyone there, paid their own way to get there. Yes many of us came on buses, but we had to search out groups that were going in order to find transportation. We were not told to be in DC today by anyone other than our own conscious and sense of patriotic duty.

  29. Our leader should be a "real" American with serious qualifications like Glen Beck or Rush Limbuagh. No one is interested in a black man who was born on some island that tries to pass as a state. I never voted that island in for statehood. We on the Right are trying to de-legitimize this president, mostly because he's black, and those unamericans in the liberal run media are working against us by treating the president like, well, like HE'S THE PRESIDENT. We are absolutely terrified that a black man is president!!! The SOUTH shall rise again!

  30. Republican and Libertarian are virtually synonomous terms these days. The Republicans have become almost entirely Libertarian, and Libertarians have rightly moved to the Right.

    And that's a good thing on both counts. A very, very good thing.

    Eric @ Libertarian Republican

  31. Oh, my gosh. That people would talk so cruelly about anothers opinions. This is America and we have the right to our own opinions. First of all at these rallies (left and right alike) there are people of all races, ages and economic stabilities. Just because one African American doesn't believe as the rest makes him not respect his heritage. Also, this is not a Republican or Libertarian thing. Many of these people are independents (some who voted for O'bama). I understand where the left is coming from, but here is something for you to think about. Per the Constitution many of the laws being enacted should be left to the States but the Federal Government has been taking those State Rights away. In effect hurting the people of those States by taking away the right to a local government that understands them and giving it to people 100's to 1,000's of miles away who have forgotten what it's like to live a normal life. Let's fire Congress and start a fresh.

  32. Sorry - just I meant that when a person disagrees with the rest of his/her race DOESN"T mean that they DISRESPECT their heritage.

  33. Of course they're a largely all white crowd. Do you expect Hispanics and Blacks who receive rather than pay taxes to protest high taxes and the government hand outs upon which they thrive? IT's high time and past due that white people woke up, openly acknowledged the race war waged against us for the last 50 years and fight back. Negros and Hispanics can organize racially and Whites must start asserting the same rights for themselves. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WHITES!

  34. I happen to be watching a Larry King special on the Manson murders. It's interesting that the people here calling the Tea Party Patriots racist sound as full of hate as the Manson "family." They ridiculed those they disagreed with - spewing hate - and feeling a need to force their ideas on others -- if not by persuasian -- by force. Just reading the words of one of the previous posters is chillingly close to Manson...

    "Anonymous said...
    I'm not angry at all. I'm being pragmatic. It's time to scare some of them by whatever means necessary for the better good of the rest of us. Nothing else seems to work."

    This is exactly how Manson felt -- and STILL does. We got up from our couches not a moment too early. Stand firm!

  35. From someone who was there and participates in tea parties - America is in deep trouble because of the corruption that is rampant in the Republican and the Democratic parties. They have been having a party at our expense and even if sanity returned it may be too late.
    Our government - by their own budget release will only bring in through revenues 60% of what they plan on spending in 2010. Can you run your household with that math. Don;t fall for the racial/party derision that is being promoted. That allows the corruption to continue. Would you trust any of these individuals with your future - with your county? -- I don't. I love my country and what this country used to stand for and hopefully - what we may leave for our grandchildren and their children. Stop expecting a free ride - and make your own future. The government will just give you empty promises. Look at their record. Everything they are involved with is going broke. Take the blinders off and educate yourself with facts. Thanks for the sacrifice of the many for a memorable day of which i am very proud to have been a participant.

  36. Looks like a bunch of ignorant, racist to me. Where were all of you when the government was handing out billions to the financial institutions ?

    Now when we are about to get help you idiots are protesting !

  37. Can anyone see that Americans are to busy arguing back and forth about bush, obama, bush, obama, bush, obama.... republican, democrat, republican, democrat.....

    Neither is looking at the best interest of the American people.

    Has anyone thought of the big picture. The government is in bed together. There are few politicians that have the best interest of the American people.

    Lobbyists should not be allowed! We need terms on congressmen and senators just like presidents and governors.

  38. Americans pitted against Americans. What a sad day. I was in DC. It was a remarkable experience. There was no angry mob like behavior. If you were not there then your opinion is not credible. Why do facts make you all so angry? We are simply people who love America and want to preserve her best aspects. We do not want to throw it all away. Have we as a nation made mistakes, hell yes, but to destroy it all to turn to a government run nanny state is unacceptable. I cannot believe the hate that spews from the liberal side. You have always hated America and you still do.

  39. Dear Americans, (a look from Europe -sry for my english)
    hard time in Amerika and Europe.
    100.000 or even millions protest/demonstrate in our ""countries" for freedom and justice. But nothing about it in the media.
    For example in Europe the Newspapers wrote that tenthousend ! Americans did demonstrate not 2 millions! In Greece students ( ca. 100000) demonstrated against corrupt politicans and for justice, but mummed policemen go on the rampage(Videos proved that the mummed were policemen) and all eu news wrote about the "bad" and "Agressive" students. The mass media is a weapon of mass desruction, they only write what "our" politicans/bank-sters whant to. In Germany the Banks blackmail our state to give them immediaty 600Billion euro or "the system will collapse" Like in America. No news wrote, who get this money,how much ,our money damn ,the money of us the workers and taxpayers. People are kept in the dark. We see a European Dictaturship comming to us like in ur country. We cannot vote for the people who make the rules in EU !! Similar in America.Two partys to choose from but all have the same target to obey the Lobbyists and Banker, exact the same in Eu .Everything ispromised befor the election,but after.... America/the army (if the american people are against it it doesn´t matter) makes one by one war against inocent People. Mainly to divert the people from the real problems. Same in EU. Why the army killed 1,3 MILLION human in Irak. Why ? For money and oil! Sadam had nothing to do with 9/11,he was a friend of the US (Weapon Manufacurs) ,he buyed weapons for Million dollars,he hated Terrorists. He had no womd ,he was a puppet like Bin Laden.
    Bin Laden NEVER said (yes the mass media showed a compete other picture) he did 9/11, the Afganistan President asked Mr Bush to deliver Bin Laden(former CIA agent) but the US had no verdict against him. The CIA never searched for him, because of 9/1. We all were cheated, damn. Similar things in EU to disinform the people ,banks are contolling us.
    Germany "defence" !! army is attaking/killing Afganistan(s) for freedom of course (ironic).War is freedom ,and the normal people think it is possible to kill people for freedom. We we live in freedom or we kill each other but not other way. It´s like to smoke pot because u are against drugs- very logical. Lobbyists are the cancer in our "democratcy" lol democracy -only on the papers. Lobbyists and bankers rule everything from behind.
    Children are singing songs about Obama ,like they do in Northcorea about Kim Jong Il, or in nazigermany about hitler -WAKE UP. instead of the word Jesus they sing the songs with the word Obama!? I´ve got some black friends and they are very angrey about Obama ,they thought he is a little chance for america, but he make the same things like Bush ,well they/politics are all the same. And if u talk negative about him u are a rassist?! cray ! It´s critic damn ,we are all allowed to criticise our leaders. We the human race (not the Elite of course) are worldwide in danger ;we ALL ! are cheated misleaded and bleed dry. A poor nation are perfect slaves for the industrie.
    In Eu they(politics) want to observe/monitor everybody (but OF COURSE not themselfs),but it´s a fakt that it´s not for our safety.

    Please never give up fighting for freedom ,free information and justice.
    Most people are against us they only belive whats in TV, they think its all okay. But we are on their side ,we are the people.
    Love and Strength form Europe.

  40. Sie sind sehr intelligent, mein Freund (oder meine Freunde?). Tut mir auch leid fur mein Deutsch...

    Ich finde Amerika und die EU auch, aber ich finde bin Laden und 9-11 nicht auch. Ich denke er ist gegen Amerika und gegen Freiheit.

    Aber ich denke Amerika und die EU sind auch gegen Freiheit- aber nicht alles Amerikaner Leute und nicht alles Deutsch Leute.

    Sie haben rechts- WIR sind die Leute! Und wir sagen: "Gebt uns Freiheit, oder gebt uns Tod!"

    Liebe und Starke und Freude aus Amerika!

  41. I can tell you there there was not one scrap of trash on the street while we were walking, and I saw NONE later in the day.

  42. KOOK and I were both at the event. Despite what ignorant people like "anonymous" say, there was no hint of any partisanship at the 9/12 event. I spoke to people of all colors, all walks of life who wanted the same thing. I do not resort to name calling quickly but "anonymous" and I have tangled before. He will be nice for a bit, then resort to insults and name calling. I invited a so called friend of his (or alias) of his to get a free post at KOOK's to do a global warming/climate change debate. All I asked was that none of my previous GW material be used in the guest post. I wanted 2 sides, each loaded with their own info, to do a real debate. I debate that I have never lost by he way And on other blogs, using other identities, I jump into the climate change debate with college educated climatologists and either debate them to a draw, or win. I have been studying climate and hurricanes since my first hurricane experience in 1981 as a hobby. I took the AMS meteorology exam which along with a college degree would make me a ceritified Met. I passed it with an 85. For someone who spent one year in college studying an unrelated subject, I think I did okay. Anonymous spent a week attacking an offer not made to him, while the person the offer was made to disappeared for a week. Then the other person who, oddly had a very similar style of composition as "anonymous" popped up and said he wanted to take me up on my offer after I had a week of trading insults with his pal. I said okay, as long as the insults directed towards me on your blog are addressed. I in a gesture of good faith did exactly what I asked and removed all such reposts and posts from my blog to show that I was being sincere while over on that blog, any such suggestion of a blogger being responsible for the content posted on their blog was met with insults from from the blogger this time that were nearly identical to the others insults from the other person. Again, similar writing style. I think this guy was pretending to be two people, one to attack, and one to be nice. I showed a core conservative ideal by not asking someone to do something I would not do myself. I was not shown the same treatment by anonymous and his "pal." So I call anonymous a TROLL because of experience and go after him, not with insults but with ideas and facts wherever he turns up.

  43. KOOK- That is what I keep hearing!

    Andrew- so you can tell who this is just by the writing style?

    PS: If you ever want to write anything on global warming as a guest post on The Humble Libertarian (with a link back to KOOK of course), your expertise would certainly be welcome.


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