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Saturday, September 12, 2009

912 DC March A Huge Success - Tea Party Rally in Washington Draws 2 Million!

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912 March A Success!

This is a proud day for the grassroots liberty movement!

At 12:34 PM Eastern, Michelle Malkin updated that ABC News reports 2 million patriots in attendance at the march in Washington! 2 million! I can just smell the fear on these Washington establishment types.

I would also be very curious to know how much trash was left behind, so I can compare with the 130 tons of trash left behind by attendees of Obama's inauguration.

Why We Fight

Liberty is brewing in America, and it is more important now than ever before to make sure that this does not fizzle out or get hijacked and watered down by the corporate lobbying interests in the back pocket of much of the Republican party.

We must remember that the goal is not to get more people with elephants on their lapels in office. We had years of that during the Bush Administration, and government kept getting bigger and more intrusive. We need true libertarians- that is people who believe in Life, Liberty, and Property- to govern our nation.

A key article to read in this regard is "The American Tea Party 2009: Goals, Objectives, and Principles." In it, I lay out the principles that I believe we should be fighting for if the fight is to be a worthy one, and the proper objectives and tactics to make the fight an effective one.

Real Time Citizen Media Updates on the 912 March

If you want to keep your finger to the pulse of what people are saying and doing about the 912 Tea Party rally in Washington D.C. -here are some:

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