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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Empire State Building Goes Red To Celebrate 60th Anniversary of Communist Revolution in China

Last night as America slept, the city that never sleeps got to witness an amazing spectacle: the Empire State Building was lit up in red to honor the 60th Anniversary of the Communist Revolution in China.

You read that correctly. LeftCoastRebel notes that the Empire State Building is the "icon of American capitalism, ingenuity, freedom and free-enterprise; the tallest building in Manhattan since the World-Trade Towers were downed by terrorists."

Please do not misunderstand me. I believe China has made incredible leaps and bounds toward freedom from where she was decades ago, and I laud her people for their courage and progress.

But to celebrate the communist revolution from which she is just now recovering is a slap in the face to the millions of Chinese that were murdered by that revolution, the people of Tibet, and the people of Taiwan.

It's also a symbolic act of moral capitulation to a violent, ignoble revolution, from the very height of the monolith that represents the world's truest, most enlightened, most noble political and economic revolution itself: Capitalism.

This speaks volumes about the level of moral decadence and political ignorance in the West today. Just as a bright and promising future rises from the ashes of Chinese communism, we celebrate the ashes.

Even more telling, is that the Empire State Building determined to celebrate the Communist Revolution in China last night by lighting up in red, but did not bother to celebrate the Constitutional Republican Revolution in America by lighting up in red, white, and blue last month for Constitution Day.


Note: and as a commentator below has pointed out, in addition to considering the Communist Revolution in China more worthy of commemoration than the signing of the U.S. Constitution, the Empire State Building Company also snubbed the U.S. Marines when they requested a display for their anniversary. Priorities, people!


  1. Not only was it lit up for China, but building administration denied the Marine Corps for light up on their 233rd birthday.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! I have added the link to the article and your blog to my blogroll on my links page.

    The Empire State Building really needs to get its act together.

  3. You're quite welcome. Thanks for the link back! You're already up on my blog roll! :-D

  4. China owns almost $1 trillion of our debt. They start dumping the Dollar, and we're immediately in an inflationary depression. We better pay homage to the nation that bankrolls our record deficits!

  5. Anonymous- isn't loads of debt wonderful!